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Amit Jain

Looking to embark on Industry 4.0 journey? Start (Modernize OT) and Accelerate (Leverage AI): A Two-step IIoT Blueprint (with customer stories)

Embark on the Industry 4.0 journey with a two-step blueprint...

Telecom providers: Trouble making money off 5G? 15 minutes could...

Telecom providers need to embark on a journey to reduce costs and create sustainable new service revenue models. Learn how by following these 3 steps.

“Holistic” Security for your Data Center Stack

Drones introduce a host of new security concerns that governments aren’t readily prepared for! Remember this visual, whereby the White House perimeter security was breached.

Simply Secure

Our SecDL’s defense in-depth model enables automated testing for security during development as well as threat modeling to assess and mitigate customer risk from code changes.