True Hybrid Cloud for Your Applications

A True Hybrid Cloud extension from on-premises datacenters to public clouds: Manage applications in private and public clouds without retooling or rework translation between environments.

Native Private to Public Extension

Operate your applications and infrastructure in AWS as you do with on-premises infrastructure. Using the same platform on both clouds, dramatically reduce the operational complexity of extending, bursting or migrating your applications and data between clouds.

Understand the journey to true hybrid cloud with consistent infrastructure, operations, and consumption model.

Consistent Skillset for any Cloud

Manage your applications with nearly identical experience across clouds - utilizing the same operational practices, third-party integrations and troubleshooting procedures that you’ve developed over many years. Eliminate retooling or training needed to operate your apps in public cloud environments.

Seamless Integration with Public Cloud

Nutanix Clusters integrates into public cloud accounts like AWS, so that you can run applications within existing VPCs, eliminating network complexity and improving performance. You can also utilize existing credits and discounts for the infrastructure running Nutanix Clusters on AWS.

Hybrid Cloud Portability

Maintain cloud optionality with portable software that can move with your applications and data across clouds. With consistent consumption model that spans private and public, you can confidently plan your long term hybrid and multi cloud strategy, maximizing the benefits of each environment.

85% of enterprises rank hybrid cloud as their #1 IT model

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