What’s in a Name?

By Greg Smith
| min

Nutanix continues its journey to develop world-class software solutions that empower our customers to develop, run and scale any application in the cloud of their choice – public or private. We aspire to converge clouds, so IT leaders have the freedom to choose the right cloud environment for each application, with unified operations and common IT workflows.

In pursuit of this journey, we are rapidly launching new services. Services that span infrastructure, applications and platforms. Services designed to be consumed from multiple clouds. We are rapidly moving past the point of shipping individual features coupled to specific products.

In support of this strategy, it became clear that we need new service names. Ones that are simple, focused and easy-to-use, just like the Nutanix services themselves. As such, we are proud to give new names to some of our emerging offerings:

  • Acropolis File Services (AFS) is now Nutanix Files™
  • Acropolis Block Services (ABS) is now Nutanix Volumes™
  • Object Storage Services is now Nutanix Buckets™
  • Xi Cloud DR services is now Leap™

Name changes are rarely easy and without user angst – but are sometimes necessary to fully communicate purpose, value and long-term vision.

So, what’s in a name? For Nutanix, each name embodies our passion to infuse simplicity and web-scale engineering into services that are intuitive, delightful to use and easy to consume.

We invite you to learn more about FilesVolumesObjects, and Leap on their respective web pages.

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