This Web-Scale Wish Will Come True, Thanks to YOU!

By Laura Whalen
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The global community has spoken with thousands of votes to determine the Grand Prize recipient of Web-Scale Wish, and we are thrilled to announce that CLASS Ltd., has garnered the most community votes and will receive a Web-Scale Datacenter Makeover in 2015! CLASS, a community developmental disabilities service provider in Kansas that brings services and support to approximately 400 children and adults with intellectual or other developmental disabilities, will be able to experience the benefits of predictable scale, unprecedented agility, and lower total cost of ownership that web-scale technologies and architectures deliver! CLASS was among more than 350 nonprofit organizations nominated by members of the community.

Operating on a small budget, CLASS is often forced to keep its servers and equipment in service well past their intended lifecycle. In addition to creating instability, this also results in the organization’s inability to virtualize its servers and take advantage of modern software and technologies available today. Forced to deal with slow network services and downtime, CLASS’s staff is often unable to use network services to their full potential.

Jim Shuler, Director of Information Technology at CLASS, gives us more insight into how and why they got involved in the Web-Scale Wish Project:

What drove you to participate in Web-Scale Wish?

“We found out about the Web-Scale Wish makeover project from our account representative, Casey Cronin at CDWG. (Thanks Casey!) We saw such a wonderful opportunity to modernize our datacenter. For a non-profit, this hardware platform is only something we could dream of having.”

What impact will this datacenter makeover have on your organization?

“As a nonprofit faced with many constraints on time and budget, the Nutanix platform would be an ideal fit for our environment. This datacenter makeover will allow us to continue with our initiative to virtualize our servers and increase our server capacity. This will not only modernize our infrastructure, but it will allow our technology department to deliver faster and more stable services to our staff. And that will ultimately allow them to work more efficiently with less frustration, and better accomplish our primary goal of serving our clients and their families.”

What else would you like the community to know about your organization?

“Our staff at CLASS Ltd. is not here just for work, but because we believe in our mission. We have received such generosity with the Web-Scale wish makeover project, I know we will be able to pass this along to our communities through the services we offer.”

As the Grand Prize recipient, CLASS will receive a 48-hour web-scale datacenter makeover package fully implemented by Nutanix. The prize includes Nutanix’s popular NX-3000 series hyperconverged appliance with full-featured Ultimate Edition Software, three years of Nutanix Platinum Plus support, and two-day on-site installation by Nutanix datacenter experts. In addition, finalists Berry Street and The Air Ambulance Service will each receive a Nutanix NX-1000 appliance, Ultimate Edition Software, and three years of Nutanix Platinum Plus support to upgrade their own datacenters to web-scale.

Congratulations to Grand Prize recipient, CLASS Ltd., and finalists, Berry Street and The Air Ambulance Service, that have won over $500,000 in web-scale technologies and services! The incredible work that your organizations do every day has made a huge impact on the well-being of the community, and you are truly an inspiration to us all! Nutanix is honored and appreciative of this opportunity to help support your altruistic efforts by doing what we do best, and we look forward to hearing about the benefits that your upcoming web-scale datacenter transformations will bring to your organizations!