vTax-Free Operations

By Julie O'Brien
| min

In case you missed it (wink), we launched our global You Decide campaign last month. Customers who’ve experienced the sting of the vTax were quick, and brave, to share their perspectives on what it means to break free of the financial, operational, and personal taxes of legacy systems.

Over the course of 3 blogs, I’ll dive in deeper to what it means to say goodbye to painful upgrades, true up surprises, vendor lock in and fire drills. And hello to more time with your family, friends, fish — whatever brings you joy outside of work!

Let’s dive into what it means to be free of operational vTax.

The legacy way of building and managing storage, compute and virtualization separately over the past decade created complex silos that made operating infrastructure a dreadful experience for IT infrastructure managers.

Nutanix was founded with the mission to make datacenter operations “uncompromisingly simple.” So simple that infrastructure would become “invisible,” elevating IT to focus on what matters most to the business.

We believed that by combining webscale engineering with consumer grade design we could knock down silos and enable IT to provide on-premise services with similar ease and efficiency as the public cloud.

We converged storage, compute and virtualization into software with incredible performance and ease of use. We created a distributed management plane, called Prism, with advanced data analytics and heuristics to simplify and streamline common workflows. We eliminated the need for separate server, storage network, storage, and virtualization management solutions. And we made system software upgrades as easy as a single click. For the first time, IT managers had a single interface and non-disruptive process for upgrades in the middle of the work day, during commuting time, even while grabbing a coffee.

Importantly, beyond the product, we built a service organization focused on proactive, predictive and personalized support. We work hard to make both our products and service delivery simple, seamless, and hassle-free. And we constantly innovate to satisfy those wants using an appropriate mix of technology, processes and people.

As our head of Nutanix support is often quoted: we consider time and trust as our two customer “value vectors,” and relentlessly innovate around them to deliver new and delightful experiences to our customers.

When feedback comes in to Nutanix, we want to know what happened and how we can make things better to keep that customer. Here’s how important we consider our survey responses: When a customer submits a survey response, the responsible manager has one hour to respond to it; otherwise, it’s escalated to the regional manager. If he or she does not respond in two hours, it goes directly to our head of the organization, David Sangster. Trust me, that’s serious business.

Our support professionals carry an impressive mix of industry certifications in virtualization, networking, Unix administration and enterprise applications. When a customer calls in, they get an expert on the phone…the first time. We have a policy that a customer never gets handed off to another support person—whoever answers the call sees it through to resolution. In the past, when we had a single product, it wasn’t too complicated to ensure that the support engineer had the expertise needed to fix the issue. Today, however, we have many products and services, and it’s impossible for every engineer to be an expert on them all. So we rely on machine learning to assign support calls to the right people. We encourage (insist!) our support engineers think and act with our customers in a manner that is strategic and consistent with building long-term relationships.

Machine learning also helps us categorize and prioritize issues so we can save our best people for the hardest calls. We know which issues can be handled by our automated system and don’t need human intervention, and are able to use telemetry data sent by our products to predict problems before they occur.

While any vendor can claim ease of operations and simple upgrades, the real proof is what customers experience when they say no to the vTax and yes to the freedom of Nutanix.