VMTurbo Heads to .NEXT

By Angelo Luciani
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We sat down with Eric Wright, Principal Solutions Engineer, Technology Evangelist and Chris Graham, Marketing Director at VMTurbo. VMTurbo products help customers guarantee application performance, maximizing infrastructure and human efficiency and positively impacting their companies’ business goals. We chatted about the upcoming .NEXT conference in Las Vegas June 20-22.

What IT challenges are your customers facing?

Since last .NEXT, we have witnessed a swift and unexpected fixation on Cloud. Though pundits have long predicted this shift, we observe a huge amount of recent momentum for cloud contemplation among our customers. Interestingly, it is not clear what is driving what: Is the press and coverage surrounding cloud driven by its imminent and inevitable adoption, or rather, do the former drive the inevitability of cloud in the IT zeitgeist? In conversations with customers, it is clear that there is significant disagreement between the advertised promise of “The Cloud” and the experience of early adopters or perceptions of soon-to-be adopters.

The lowest cost perception of cloud really depends on the needs of the organization and the current cost structure of their private IT stack. We recently conducted a survey on the state of multi-cloud adoption (available here if you are so inclined) and found massive discrepancies between expected and actual costs of public cloud adoption. Additionally, one of the prevailing reasons for building-out a private cloud was “Public Cloud Is Too Expensive”. Concurrently, one of the top reasons for adopting public cloud was “Private Cloud Is Too Expensive”. Clearly, not everyone is on the same page!

One of our focal points has been assisting customers in vetting the true cost of cloud adoption, and assessing whether or not it is truly the best strategy for their business. Our partnership with Nutanix is but one example of our belief in and commitment to ultra-efficient, high-performing private clouds and data centers. Some customers are simply resigned to “getting out of the data center business,” however, for those actively contemplating a cloud migration, we try to educate them on the possible economies of scale they can achieve on-premises. For example, we have some customers running VMTurbo and Nutanix at guest:host densities of greater than 50:1. Fifty-to-one! These economics are not attainable on traditional x86 infrastructure, and because of this, we must actively educate the market on the art of the possible.

What are some of the technologies you plan on showcasing at .NEXT?

We will be showcasing VMTurbo Operations Manager, which since last year has undergone a workflow facelift and deeper, broader application support including JVMs, numerous databases and Microsoft apps, as well as container cluster management through Kubernetes and Mesosphere integration. Our v5.6 release goes GA the week before .NEXT and as such I am not currently at liberty to disclose. Of course, we will be demoing the VMT-Nutanix integration like last year as well.

Can you give our audience a sneak peak of what you are going to be talking about at .NEXT?

We don’t have a corporate speaking slot, but VMT Principal Solutions Engineer and Technology Evangelist, Eric Wright (@discoposse), will be presenting at the Unconference from 9:30-10:20 on Wednesday titled “Staying On Top of IT Trends – An Architect’s Guide to What’s Next”. While many organizations may not be on the cutting edge of technology, they do rely on architects to present the vision of what the industry might look like 12-18 months down the road. In this informal Q&A session, attendees will learn how to separate trends from trash, how to quickly evaluate and plan for new technology, and how to integrate these solutions with existing environments

What are the topics you are most excited to see and hear at the conference?

VMT is very excited to learn about the AHV stacks that Nutanix has amassed in the wild. Last year, seeing the conversion first-hand was just astounding (I actually wrote about it here). Since then, we know Nutanix customers have switched over off traditional stacks and we pine to hear their stories. We are also looking to hear more about the Nutanix ecosystem and how other ISVs are choosing to complement the Nutanix platform. Within our own customer base, we’ve noticed a swarming of “cool kids” – techs that commonly occur together within customer environments. Getting them all together side-by-side is a great way to network and understand the combined value. We’re very much looking forward to meeting everyone in Vegas!

Come visit us at .NEXT!

Nutanix .NEXT is scheduled for June 20-22, 2016 at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information and to register for the user conference, please visit: