Visibility is Key for Cloud Security and Cost Success

By Harold Bell
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Managing your cloud environment is a lot like driving a car. While driving, you’re watching for other drivers and potential dangers – all while abiding by the rules of the road. Well, in the cloud, your provisioning resources but also monitoring costs, security, and compliance. Pretty straight forward, right? But what if you had to drive blindfolded? It would be nearly impossible to gauge for other cars on the road, looming potholes ahead, or whether you were doing the speed limit. Let’s apply this same logic to managing your cloud resources without proper visibility. How difficult would it be to stay within your cloud budget, protect user data, and maintain cloud compliance with regulatory standards such as HIPPA or PCI-DSS? Probably impossible. So why are so many businesses driving while blindfolded in the cloud? In this blog, I’d like to discuss some of the vital processes you need visibility into for success in the cloud. I’d also like to offer you a way to achieve that visibility but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Launching new services isn’t rocket science nowadays, so IT teams frequently provision resources without worrying about the consequences. The result? Your department gets an enormous cloud bill and don’t know why you’re spending so much. This is because adding new services without visibility can be a costly endeavor.

With the right cloud management platform, you can get better insights into which resources to use and when. You can start looking at spending trends and identify resources that have a higher spend without optimum utilization. As for holistic financial performance, you can allocate budgets by department, leverage chargeback reports, and begin forecasting future use. And if anything starts to rise above your budget, you have real-time alerts and anomaly detection for immediate remediation.

Cloud Security

In a large multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environment, it is next to impossible to manage and monitor cloud security operations without proper tooling. Aside from that, there are several cloud security related questions to consider in a dynamic, like:

Do you have the right logging in place? Are you sure about what ports open in your cloud? How fast can you detect cloud vulnerabilities? While fixing one cloud security threat, have you potentially left yourself vulnerable for another?

Again, that is where the right cloud management platform can fill in the gaps. It can give you a crystal clear idea of the resources created, as well as deleted, by anyone who has access to your environment. In other words, cloud management platforms audit your infrastructure and provide information about critical actions performed by users who have infrastructure access.

Cloud Compliance Automation

One of the major concerns among many businesses is maintaining regulatory compliance in a multi-cloud environment and following cloud security best practices. HIPAA, ISO, PCI-DSS, CIS, NiST and SOC-2 are all compliance standards that organizations use today. But in seamlessly integrating and automating these in a cloud environment is a challenge many organizations face. But these cloud compliance standards can be automatically maintained with the right cloud management platform tolls like Xi Beam.

The Platform of Choice

Beam from Nutanix is a multi-cloud governance service that provides organizations with deep visibility and rich analytics detailing cloud consumption patterns. It includes one-click fixes for cost optimization and security compliance across their cloud environments. Beam proactively identifies idle and underutilized resources, and delivers specific recommendations to right-size infrastructure services to ensure optimal cloud consumption.

Beam’s intelligent reserved instance purchase recommendations help to drive deep cost savings. Beam also automates cloud security compliance using 250+ audit checks that identify security vulnerabilities in real-time, and uses policy based automation to resolve potential threats before they become concerns. Beam helps you certify and maintain compliance with regulatory policies such as HIPAA, ISO, PCI-DSS, CIS, NiST and SOC-2. With Beam you gain complete visibility, optimization and control over your cloud consumption to ensure cost governance and security compliance.

With that said, I’d like to give you an opportunity to experience how Beam takes the blindfold off of your business. If you’re interested, enjoy a free 14-day trial of the platform to test it out. It’s only your budget we’re talking about here…

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