Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Fire in the mountain – Run Run Run

By Anjan Srinivas
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Keep Calm

Nutanix Redefines VDI with New Per Desktop and Assurance Program

Virtual desktops have come a long way from just being a new cool technology to provide a PC like end user computing environment. While pundits continue to argue whether VDI is suitable for every user, they all agree that VDI is ready for every enterprise. Some of the benefits for VDI range from improved security and compliance and faster on boarding of new users to lower help desk and related operational costs to CAPEX savings. Does the headline of this blog make you wonder – If VDI is so wonderful, then where is the fire? 

Although VDI has become quite popular with many of today’s enterprises, it has been plagued by one significant challenge since its inception. Customers typically expect their solution providers to offer a per desktop VDI price that is lower than that of a physical PC. This means in order to get to a target per-desktop dollar amount, solution providers must undersize the compute and storage requirements to fit the customer’s budget. While this satisfies the “TCO police”, all hell breaks loose during deployment. The infrastructure that was supposed to provide sufficient resources for a large number of virtual desktops – quickly falls apart with just a small number of fully loaded users.

This is where the “blame game” starts and all of the vendors (including compute, caching software, and storage providers) who supplied the infrastructure will no longer stand behind their promises after deployment. With so many vendors trying to avoid the blame, the poor customer has nowhere to run.

Storage typically represents about 40-60% of the infrastructure cost of a VDI implementation. Virtual desktop workloads also place a high amount of stress on the storage infrastructure due to the unique nature of VDI virtual machines and their usage patterns. The storage software needs intelligence to process IO from a virtual desktop and treat it such that user experience remains consistent. This needs to be done without adding massive amount of CAPEX burden on the solution.

Nutanix has proven to be a great platform to serve VDI workloads. You can find why Nutanix platform is such a good fit here and hear customers talk about it here. So what’s new?

Read on, the story gets even better! Nutanix now offers per-desktop pricing for virtual infrastructure. Customers can select from a variety of pre-defined user profiles (including kiosk, task, knowledge, and power worker) and pay a per-desktop price for their new Nutanix compute and storage solution. Nutanix will supply sufficient infrastructure to meet the increased VDI demands. And we won’t just deliver the infrastructure – we will stand by and deliver on the resource assurance that we have promised. In case the infrastructure falls short on delivering the necessary resource SLAs, Nutanix can quickly and seamlessly upgrade the software or add more appliance capacity as needed.

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