Unlocking the ROBO/Edge IT Landscape with the Launch of Nutanix 1-node Cluster

January 19, 2018 | By Upasna Gupta
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The 1-node Nutanix Enterprise Cloud offering was created with one thing in mind: you – our customers. You told us that a Nutanix offering specifically designed for smaller, remote deployments will radically simplify your ability to deliver virtualized applications at your remote sites. Your journey to a consolidated cloud strategy was missing consistency and common IT tooling across multiple clouds that includes your growing distributed cloud at the edge sites. It was conversations like these that compelled Nutanix to build on our previous 1-node backup target and now release an option for a single node cluster (and a 2-node cluster in the near future).

With this new offering, Nutanix can now be deployed as a cluster of a single node that can run all of a remote office or storefront’s local applications, such as SQL Server, Exchange, custom applications, virtual desktops using VMware Horizon and Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, and services including DHCP, DNS, file and print, WAN optimization, and security-focused virtual appliances.

Traditionally, the main datacenter has been the center of gravity for most business IT organizations. But we no longer live in a centralized world. New demands have grown with more field-based IT infrastructures such as oil rigs, kiosks, cruise ships, forward-deployed military operations and even airport security devices that need processing power at the point of data collection. Often these needs can’t be met by the public cloud due latency and connection challenges. These sites are too small for the traditional three-tier architecture because of capex, opex, power and space constraints. And more often than not, there isn’t enough skilled IT to manage and maintain these remote sites.

The new Nutanix offering addresses these challenges by bringing a more unified, software-defined approach to fulfilling IT needs of these remote and distributed edge sites. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS provides a single software operating system that will unify multiple clouds, across the full compute, storage and network stack. The Nutanix OS can be distributed across on-premises data centers, remote office/branch office and disaster recovery (DR) sites, as well as upcoming edge computing sites, allowing businesses to leverage common IT tooling. Businesses will be now be able to span the Nutanix OS from the core data center to all their edge sites to fulfill IT needs such as compute, storage, virtualization, networking and even data protection.

Nutanix 1-node offering enables businesses to harness the power of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS for their remote sites in an affordable way. The 1-node option will be available through the new NX-1175S Platform. For more information, refer to the hardware configurations on the hardware platforms page on the Nutanix website. Keeping with Nutanix’s theme of flexible consumption model, these configurations will also be available from the various OEM partners and as software only deployments. Single node clusters also deliver on the Nutanix goal of ensuring data reliability. The solution will offer RF2 across drives within the same node and will have the storage efficiency features of compression, cross-hypervisor disaster recovery and global deduplication. This has massive implications for many industries such as retail and energy/oil and gas where there must be assurance of availability.

The solution comes prepackaged with AHV, Nutanix’s native hypervisor, at no additional cost. AHV combines security hardening and enterprise virtualization management features to deliver a more powerful, yet lean, virtualization stack with no software bloat. Additionally, Nutanix Prism offers centralized infrastructure management, one-click simplicity and intelligence for everyday operations and insights into capacity planning and forecast. It makes it possible to schedule upgrades for hundreds of remote sites within a few clicks. Prism also provides network visualization allowing you to troubleshoot basic networking issues, right from the same dashboard.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud has long been the go to for business critical workloads. From eliminating infrastructure silos to mitigating costs and complexity, Nutanix has continued to break barriers to productivity and enhanced performance and ROI. With this new offering, Nutanix brings the power of its software stack to a new generation of cloud and ROBO environments.

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