Top 10 Cloud Management Questions Answered

By Harold Bell
| min

The arrival of cloud computing has provided organizations with reliable and secure computing capacity delivered with ease – just as everyday utilities are. By leveraging the cloud, you now have a simple approach to access servers, storage, databases and a complete selection of application services you can use via the internet. The omnipresent availability of the cloud plays an undoubtedly key role in today’s business productivity, driving unmatched efficiencies across internal business units.

With such a robust tool at your disposal, managing your cloud infrastructure can be quite a feat. You’ve got to consider which provider(s) to choose, your security posture, and how you balance costs as you scale. And that’s only one layer of the cloud complexity. You then have to evaluate the resources and applications that are hosted in your multi-cloud environment, optimizing when you identify waste. There are several elements to consider in order to effectively manage your data and operations in the cloud.

Why is cloud cost optimization so difficult? How do I maintain secure operations across clouds? Can I avoid getting locked in with one vendor? Or is that inevitable? These are the questions that keep IT managers and line of business owner awake at night when evaluating the effectiveness of their cloud strategy. And if you’re still reading this, I’m likely talking about you.

Look, migrating to the cloud­­­­ wasn’t the easiest thing you’ve ever done. But no matter the size of your cloud environmen­t, with the right guidance and software, you can whip your approach to cloud management into shape. We’ve identified the ten most pressing questions regarding the successful operation of a multi-cloud environment:

  1. What’s the key to developing an effective cloud management strategy?
  2. Why should I pay for a cloud governance tool when public cloud providers have alternatives that are free?
  3. Why is cloud cost management so difficult?
  4. Are there industry-specific challenges to cloud management?
  5. Security is my number one concern. How do I maintain secure operations across clouds?
  6. Can I avoid getting locked in with one vendor? Or is that inevitable?
  7. How does policy evolve as I scale my cloud infrastructure?
  8. What opportunities do I have to automate in a hybrid cloud environment?
  9. With so many cloud apps, how do I keep up with provisioning and deprovisioning?
  10. How can I get the most out of my cloud investment?

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