Shared Ambition

August 29, 2016 | By Sunil Potti
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This blog is about the wonderful news of Nutanix, PernixData and coming together as one company.

Let me first start with Nutanix and our ambition. Having been at Nutanix for a while now, it is without any doubt the best company and team I have worked with in my entire professional life. I’ve had the privilege to work with some well rounded teams at my prior companies, so I often ask myself why is it I feel like this every day when I wake up. Like many of the other companies I’ve worked for, Nutanix shares a commitment to building innovative technology and nurturing outstanding people. What sets it apart – and what fires me up about coming into work every day – boils down to three distinctive things:

  • First, we are a team of insurgents, finely tuned with the right balance of integrity and empathy. Whether it be a maniacal focus on customers when issues arise, a gung-ho comeback when a competitor surpasses us on features or an unyielding determination to never give up despite the tough odds, these traits combined make us who we are.
  • Second, we are unified by an ambitious vision to completely reimagine the way IT delivers and businesses consume applications. Our journey to the Enterprise Cloud, one in which IT will witness the convergence of public and private cloud – is a hugely disruptive undertaking.
  • And finally, we share an ‘instinctive edge,’ that feeling you get deep in your gut when you compete alongside a team you know that will bring it all the time and double when they are losing.

It’s this unique combination that has led us to grow so quickly while building deep resiliency and grit across the organization.

But to win consistently in the market, we must aggressively invest in growth and nurture our talent, while identifying teams that share this ambition. It’s very hard to hire people who can fit into such a distinct tribe, and it’s even harder to find an already formed group with technology that does not fork the core into multiple codebases and hairy swimlanes. In PernixData and, we’ve found that twice over.


PernixData and Nutanix share the architectural design philosophy that next-generation datacenter fabrics must keep data and applications close in order to drive the fastest possible performance and to deliver flexible, cost-effective infrastructure scaling. Server-side storage technologies are going to become 100x faster with Intel’s push towards NVMe and storage-class memory. While we bring applications and data together in the same servers, we have to hustle hard to get even closer to the CPU, provide a path for workload mobility across multiple cloud computing environments, and yet remain hypervisor-agnostic.

Over the last 4 years, Pernix has built very strong scale-out data acceleration technologies. More importantly, they “see” every IO without compromising on data consistency. That gives us a unique vantage point to pull off online application migration, with the 1-click delight that Nutanix has always stood for.

The two teams will work together to leverage workload intelligence garnered via transparent IO interception and advanced analytics to consistently deliver any workload across any cloud environment. is a Sequoia Capital-funded startup that has been thinking deeply about applications and visual design of app workflows for infrastructure deployment. Over 8-9 months of courtship, we went deep to understand the elegance of

Everything in Nutanix is about making infrastructure invisible with a top-down design – Prism’s design has humanized infrastructure. The way we’ve removed the extremely mundane things in IT by creating endearing capabilities such as 1-click upgrades of the entire stack that work … and work seamlessly. What we recognized in the Calm team is the ability to expand this scope of infrastructure invisibility by democratizing application orchestration while still approaching it via a top-down design. Calm’s single pane of glass helps design and orchestrate applications across AWS, Azure, Docker and on-prem web-scale infrastructure. The lightbulb moment came when we saw how elegantly they had integrated Nutanix into their story.

With Calm integrated with Prism, customers will finally be able to choose the right cloud for the right workload, achieve seamless application mobility while experiencing the same simple, delightful, and consistent experience they have come to love and respect about Nutanix.

Shared Ambition

Since its unveiling at .NEXT 2016, we are making real strides towards delivering on our vision for the Enterprise Cloud. One that gives enterprise customers the best of the public and private clouds… And in these two companies, we have met teams of great people who share a desire to build great technology to advance it. These teams have built technologies that, alone, are remarkable. Together we hope to inspire new imagination, build for the next stage, and challenge impossible dreams.

We are proud to welcome PernixData and, two like-minded, like-spirited and like-willed teams into our family and I can’t wait to see what’s next.