Seven Ways to Simplify Your Digital Workspace Deployment

April 13, 2021 | min

The modern workplace has changed dramatically since the COVID 19 pandemic, and organizations everywhere are adopting digital workspace solutions to ensure business productivity, continuity, agility, and security, all while lowering costs.

Digital workspaces are not a new idea, but too often deployment and operational complexity have kept organizations from realizing the benefits these solutions offer. Fortunately, there are solutions that can help significantly reduce this complexity.

Building a simple, secure, and performant digital workspace solution requires choosing the right technologies at every layer of the stack. In this seven-part blog series, we discuss how running Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Platform simplifies your solution, delivering an excellent user experience, improved productivity, greater business agility, lower risk, and higher ROI.

Each installment of the series addresses a key aspect of a complete digital workspace solution. We discuss the traditional challenges that administrators face, and explain how a Citrix-on-Nutanix hybrid and multicloud solution helps you to avoid the pitfalls that have bedeviled admins for years, resulting in interminable delays, substandard performance, poor user experience, and excessive operational overhead and costs.

The Advantages of a Citrix-on-Nutanix Digital Workspace Solution

Citrix and Nutanix have more than a decade of experience delivering industry standard EUC solutions to thousands of organizations. Together, they provide users secure and responsive access to applications, desktops, and data—both on-premises and in the cloud.

When you run Citrix Cloud services with the Nutanix Cloud Platform, you get cloud-based management and delivery for all Citrix Workspace technologies.

This means you can deliver a great user experience without all the legacy complexity of the datacenter. The same team that manages desktops and apps can also easily manage servers, storage, and virtualization. Resolve issues in minutes, instead of days. And you can guarantee the same linear cost and performance, whether you scale from 500 to 50,000 users.

Citrix Cloud services on Nutanix gives you access to true hybrid and multicloud capabilities. Thanks to seamless portability among on-prem and public clouds, you can burst 2,000 Citrix Desktops to cloud in under two hours.

And a Citrix-on-Nutanix digital workspace solution enables you to start small and scale as needed, with excellent ROI. Customers have found that the combination of Nutanix and Citrix technologies reduces CapEx and OpEx by approximately 164 percent. This means the solution can pay for itself in as little as six months.

What’s Next

The blog series includes installments on:

  1. How to Simplify Digital Workspace Server and Storage Resource Management
  2. How to Simplify the Citrix Virtual Application and Desktop Control Plane
  3. How to Simplify Digital Workspace Solution Virtualization and File Services 
  4. How to Simplify Digital Workspace Security
  5. How to Simplify Reporting, Analysis, and Issue Remediation
  6. How to Simplify Unified Workspace
  7. Simplifying Business Continuity and Hybrid Multicloud

The Citrix-on-Nutanix solution lets you leverage the cloud in a way that’s tailored to your organization’s specific business needs—accelerating innovation, scaling with ease, strengthening resilience, and saving time and money.

This blog series was inspired by a joint presentation from the 2020 Global .NEXT Digital Experience, by Ana Ruiz, Technical Marketing Architect, Citrix, and Kevin Bacon, EUC Solutions Architect, Nutanix. Watch it now for a quick overview!

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