Service Providers: Profitable Services Built on Top of Enterprise Clouds

By Chris Brown
| min

Cloud service providers are facing greater challenges than ever before, ranging from increased competition, to commoditization of services, to eroding margins. With a myriad of options available to them and the rise of digital organizations, businesses are more demanding with higher expectations around performance, service levels, and simplicity of operations.

However, with the right tools, these challenges can become powerful opportunities. Realizing these opportunities with the right Enterprise Cloud solution is a snap.

Service Providers, including Protected Trust, Synergics, iCore (now Vonage), and NTT SmartConnect, have developed several services on top of their Nutanix Enterprise Cloud solution that are not only differentiated, but also commercially viable. Top services include:

  1. Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  2. Managed Enterprise Applications
  3. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  4. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  5. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Over the next few weeks we’ll look at each of these services in depth.

Today we’re going to look at Service Providers as a whole and explain what the Enterprise Cloud can do for you. We understand the challenges you face every day and have designed specific programs to fit.

First up, what is an Enterprise Cloud?

As we’ve previously discussed, businesses love public cloud services for their agility, simplicity, and pay-as-you-grow economics. With public clouds, IT can deploy VMs and applications in minutes and scale on demand without limits, paying only for resources they use. However, businesses still need to exert control over performance, availability, and security, especially for business-critical and performance-sensitive workloads.

Enterprise clouds enable IT to deliver the best of both public clouds and on-prem infrastructure. The right enterprise cloud model delivers the agility, simplicity, and fractional consumption of Amazon AWS along with the security, control, and predictability of a hypervisor for any application, creating a win-win situation for both IT and business owners.

Nutanix delivers the right enterprise cloud platform that service providers can use to:

  • Start small and flexibly scale without overprovisioning
  • Reduce customer onboard time, accelerating time to revenue
  • Lower operational expenses
  • Eliminate risk with the right partners and solutions
  • Concentrate on customers and their needs, not the infrastructure’s needs
  • Create profitable services

Here is a short primer of the different Nutanix products and technologies that make up the Nutanix enterprise cloud:

  • Acropolis is a scale-out data fabric for storage, compute, and virtualization. Comprised of Distributed Storage Fabric (DSF), App Mobility Fabric (AMF), and AHV
    • DSF provides all storage-level features using webscale engineering that is in our DNA
    • AMF allows your VMs to move between hypervisors, giving you unparalleled flexibility.
    • AHV is a security-hardened hypervisor that is included as an option
  • Prism is the consumer-grade (simple) management framework for the Nutanix solution. It provides deep analytics and management for the entire infrastructure (storage/compute/virtualization)
    • Whether you choose ESXi, Hyper-V, or the Nutanix AHV, these rich insights and features provide a great advantage. Prism also takes this a step farther, putting your entire infrastructure under a single pane of glass.

So how does it help you? Let’s break this out!

Creating Differentiated Services

No matter what service you choose to offer, Nutanix has you covered. We’ve authored a wide variety of papers, including Reference Architectures and Best Practice Guides, to ensure that it’s done right the first time. The web-scale Nutanix Distributed Storage Fabric is adaptable, changing itself to match the workload, enabling you to turn thought into action with less effort and wasted time. New customers can be on-boarded up to 90% faster.

The benefits don’t stop at deployment either. Operational costs can be as much as 70% lower, and you can do more with less. By leveraging a hyperconverged model, natively combining storage and compute and using the latest Intel processor and flash technologies, our customers are able to reduce their infrastructure footprint by as much as 90%. This saves not only on space, but cooling and power as well.

Reducing Operational Overhead

The last thing you want to worry about when onboarding customers is how much headcount you need to support them or if you’ll be able to hit their SLAs. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud eliminates this worry. Using Prism, you can monitor and manage the system without jumping from box to box. Prism handles powerful, complex operations such as upgrades or expansion with a single click.

The story doesn’t end outside of Prism however. We offer a powerful API for third party or custom automation. OpenStack integration is available as well. With this, you can expand your existing deployment with the Enterprise Cloud and use your existing automations.

Finally, the Enterprise Cloud includes plenty of powerful self-healing tools. Nutanix Acropolis recovers from any component failure, bringing itself back to a redundant state allowing you freedom to choose when to repair. Cluster Health monitors the entire environment, alerting you to areas of concern before they become a problem. Nutanix Cluster Check is an on-demand end-to-end health check giving you peace of mind before maintenance. All of these tools enable you to identify and resolve problems before they hit your customers and your SLAs.

Taken together this leads to a powerful metric. You can reduce your ongoing management and support staff costs by as much as 70% without compromise.


As you can see, the enterprise clouds by Nutanix provide plenty of benefits. Rapid cluster repurposing enables your teams to prototype and test solutions faster. Density and simplicity means you can do more with less. From the pay-as-you-grow model, to the powerful automation there’s something every SP can use. Taken all together, Nutanix delivers:

  • 30% lower upfront costs
  • 90% reduction in on-boarding time
  • 70% reduction in operational costs
  • 70%% in ongoing maintenance and support costs

All these metrics are from our IDC report, so be sure to download the IDC report for more information. Be sure to watch this space as we continue the series next week!