Service Providers and the Meaning of “One OS. One Click. Any Cloud.”: Part 1

By Steven Duckaert
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At Nutanix, we describe our Enterprise Cloud as One OS. One Click. Any Cloud. Because Nutanix software provides a single operating system across multiple cloud environments, it can provide your organization a true ‘public cloud–like’ experience across your entire IT fabric. That’s a compelling vision for today’s enterprises. However, if your organization is a service provider, the benefits may be a little less clear.

This blog is setup in two parts. First, I’ll explain how Nutanix delivers on the promise of One OS. One Click. Any Cloud. In a second post, I’ll explain how a managed cloud service provider (MCSP) can take advantage of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud to generate additional revenue streams, optimise operational workflows, and spark new conversations and projects with customers.

Taking the Pain out of Today’s IT

Today’s IT is distributed. There’s no longer just one cloud. Business applications run in private, public, and distributed clouds. But with many clouds come many silos, each with different management tools, infrastructure technologies, and consumption models that make IT overly complex.

The Virtues of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS

Whether you’re an enterprise or a service provider, Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS delivers significant benefits for your operations including:

  • Always-on. Business services must be available 24 x 7.
  • Quick problem resolution. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS is designed to self-heal from failures. The system identifies problem areas and recommends potential solutions for problems that cannot self-heal.
  • Self-service. Enterprise IT consumers don’t want to wait days for a new VM or application to become operational. They now expect a self-service model for digital services.
  • Innovation. IT consumers now expect almost immediate access to the latest functionality and analytics, and to see regular performance improvements. Nutanix uses a software-defined approach to deliver new functionality at a rapid cadence.
  • Modern consumption and pricing models. Nutanix offers both CapEx and OpEx models to suit a variety of consumption needs.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS helps decouple applications from underlying infrastructure, enabling your IT team to streamline datacenter management and reduce complex operations to a single click. This frees up IT personnel and resources to focus on what matters most to your enterprise and its customers.

An innovative, hyperconverged architecture combines servers, storage, security, data protection, virtualisation, and networking with one-click operations, full application automation, and multi-cloud management.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud combines the agility and one-click simplicity of a public cloud with the security, control, predictable economics, and performance of a private cloud. It gives you greater freedom of choice—across hypervisors, hardware, and clouds—so your team doesn’t dedicate valuable resources to managing and worrying about infrastructure.

The foundation of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS is a distributed software architecture that allows services to be deployed quickly and scale linearly while ensuring the strict resiliency and availability SLAs enterprises expect. The underlying complexity is completely masked by intelligent software that makes extensive use of machine learning to optimise operations behind the scenes.

With Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, it’s extremely easy to keep up with the latest software innovations. With a simple click or API call you can upgrade to the latest Nutanix release without interfering with any end-user-facing services. Check out this overview of our latest release, AOS 5.5.

Powered by Nutanix Calm

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS is fully integrated with Nutanix Calm, which delivers:

  • Application lifecycle management. Simple, repeatable, and automated management of applications and services across both private and public clouds with easy-to-use blueprints.
  • Self-service and governance. The Nutanix Marketplace enables complete self-service.
    • IT consumers can choose from pre-integrated Nutanix blueprints or custom blueprints that you publish to the marketplace.
    • Role-based governance allows operations to be limited based on assigned permissions.
    • All activities and changes across the entire infrastructure stack are centrally logged for end-to-end traceability, aiding with compliance.
    • Department and group-level chargeback and cost controls allow you to carefully monitor expenses across private and public clouds.
  • Hybrid cloud management. Automate the provisioning of Hybrid Cloud architectures, scaling both multi-tiered and distributed applications across cloud environments. The key is that the same blueprints incorporate application modeling for provisioning in private and in public environments – without any need to recreate these processes. In other words, a single Calm blueprint can be used for deployment into multiple clouds.

Nutanix Calm provides native capabilities for application automation and lifecycle management, fully integrated with self-service so that IT consumers can deploy applications on supported clouds themselves, while maintaining full compliance with corporate guidelines and policies.

While we usually talk about Calm in terms of applications and services, its capabilities are really quite broad. For instance, you might provide marketplace access to blueprints for small, medium, and large application templates, but Calm also automate mundane daily operations. You can create blueprints that automatically provision complete development and test environments, enabling self-service for development teams that speeds up the pace of development projects.

Ready to Transform?

When you’re ready to transform your datacenter, your IT operations, and your business, Nutanix serves as a trusted partner. To learn more about Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and how Nutanix can help you transform your operations visit Get hands on Nutanix at, contact us by email, follow us on Twitter @nutanix, or send us a note at to set up a personalised briefing and demonstration to learn more about how we can help your organization.

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