Say Goodbye to the vTax and Hello to Quality Time

By Julie O'Brien
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A few weeks ago I shared a blog on what it means to be free of the operational burdens that come with the vTax. You may recall we introduced and defined what we meant by “the vTax” as part of our global You Decide campaign, where customers of all sizes, industries and locations weighed in to share their experiences, too.

Today’s blog dives into what it means to jettison painful upgrades, unplanned downtime, siloed management consoles, vendor lock in and fire drills. So you can spend more time being strategic in the office, and take back your weekends and holidays for your family, friends, fish — whatever brings you joy outside of work.

Freedom to Invent (AKA Quality Time at Work)

We believe datacenter control belongs to IT, not to the incumbent vendors who aren’t listening to, or supporting you. That the operation of storage, compute, and virtualization should be as simple as one click through a single pane of glass.

One-click simplicity is in our DNA and is the foundation of everything we build for our customers. One-click automation, one-click upgrades, one management interface for your full stack and all your clouds, and one shared mission: making infrastructure invisible, and enabling you to easily build and operate private and hybrid cloud architectures. Contrast this with say, vSphere, which requires 9+ unique software products as opposed to delivering a full stack with one management interface; plus introduces complex, risky software-lifecycle dependencies. And, network virtualization and security require yet even more products to purchase, deploy, and maintain.

We believe that there is more to enterprise IT than just keeping the lights on. By investing in invisible infrastructure with Nutanix, you can take back time and elevate the value of IT. Focus on building and deploying business applications, and turn IT into an innovation engine.

What do customers have to say about being more strategic to the business? Lots!

Elizabeth City State University, Eric Zarghami, Deputy Chief Information Officer

Nutanix is very simple to use. Previously, we needed 3-4 dedicated technicians to manage our servers, storage, virtualization, and networking systems. With Nutanix’s hyperconverged infrastructure solution, we now need just one admin, since any member of our team can manage Nutanix after less than a day of training. Compared to the complexity of VMware, Nutanix is a breath of fresh air. Everything takes just a few clicks, and that’s it. Our virtualization admin was spending 40% of his time managing the VMware environment and logging into different clusters, but Nutanix takes just 10% of his time.

Shaker Regional School District, Jason Hills, Director of Technology

“By eliminating the need to ‘babysit’ our infrastructure, our IT staff can now spend their time on deploying new applications and services for our students and teachers.”

Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Alessandro Widmer, Senior System Engineer
With Nutanix, we now have just one system to manage and control, enabling our IT team to be much more efficient. I’ve spent less than a week managing the Nutanix systems over the past year.


The upgrade process is much simpler and only takes half a day, so much less time is wasted on planning or having to think about compatibility. You don’t need to schedule for a maintenance team – 1-click and it’s all done,” said Terence Lee, Senior Manager, IT Infrastructure, Virtualization and Cloud Computing.

Freedom to Play

While being more strategic and effective to work is awesome, so is reclaiming your weekends. You can ditch the personal vTax that comes with legacy systems by running a consistent operating model across all IT environments, streamlining work, and saving time so you can focus on what matters. No more missed nights and weekends with your friends or loved ones because of infrastructure upgrades or unplanned outages.

With faster, smoother upgrades, one click goodness, and quality support, you can eliminate the vTax of mundane infrastructure management tasks and outages and put IT back in control. Say hello to quality time! Here’s what it means to our customers:

JSE, Pravesh Govender, Infrastructure Manager
The one click upgrades and support that we do get from Nutanix have given our engineers their lives back.

Heartland Community Health Network, Steve Elgan, IT Director
The very first update I did for Nutanix happened with my newborn child in my arms. I had my son in my hands, feeding him his bottle, and I just clicked “Upgrade.” Things had only been in production for about a month, and what used to be a nightmare process was now so simple that I could devote all of my attention to my son instead of a computer screen. I could never have done something like that while upgrading a traditional three-tier infrastructure.

Turnitin, PJ Romero Principal IT Engineer at Turnitin
I can now take a vacation without worrying. Nutanix’s console is dashboard-based, and easy to understand. I am no longer the only member of the IT team who knows how to operate the console. If I’m otherwise occupied, someone can easily step in and monitor the situation for me.

Next up…freedom from the financial shackles of the vTax, including true-up surprises. Want to learn more on why to jettison the vTax in the meantime? Check out our manifesto here.

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