Power of Customer Success: Nutanix Education and Residency Service

By Chris Dondanville and Sachin Chheda
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In our roles, we have the privilege of spending a good part of our week with IT shops helping them get the most of their investments, Nutanix or otherwise. In the last few months of connecting customers and prospects worldwide, we noticed two trends. First, IT organizations are behind in re-training staff on the new and emerging hybrid cloud technologies touching IT infrastructure, applications, and services. And second, organizations are missing out on opportunities due to the lack of adequate staffing and expertise. 

First, please allow us a quick sidebar to touch on how Nutanix enterprise cloud solutions for whatever workloads they are being used for are helping our customers become more efficient. In almost all of the customer conversations we’ve had in the past years on capturing the benefits of Nutanix, one area comes up every time— how Nutanix is helping them simplify their IT infrastructure and operations. IDC has conducted a business value analysis based on customer interviews thrice, first in 2015, then again 2017 and most recently in 2019. 

Almost every customer has seen a substantial reduction in the time they spent managing the day to day IT infrastructure operations with Nutanix. The latest IDC survey (exec summary) found organizations using Nutanix cut down the time spent on daily infrastructure and virtualization management tasks by 58% (average). Our customers’ IT staff are using their new free time to take back their weekends and to take on new projects ranging from application modernization to deploying DR to implementing self-service portals. 

Now let’s get back to the topic of retooling IT to be ready for the emerging world of hybrid infrastructure, cloud-native applications and more. Nutanix is helping our customers accelerate the adoption of the next generation of IT infrastructure and cloud-native technologies in additional ways. 

First, Nutanix can help IT personnel gain the necessary knowledge and skills through educational classes and certifications — from basic operation to advanced design through online classes, instructor-led training, and private classes. IT personnel can then take certification exams (NCP, NCAP, and NPX) to validate their knowledge and skills to guide an organization through its Enterprise Cloud journey. 

Second, Nutanix offers their customers like Bellflower Unified School District (BUSD) resident consultants on-site to offload their daily management of Nutanix and associated IT workloads so that our customer’s IT staff can focus on higher-order projects and outcomes. Nutanix resident consultants are a highly effective team of unbiased experts proficient in Nutanix and general IT infrastructure. The resident consultants are selected based on an organization’s specific needs and can bring a wide range of skill sets from HCI and virtualization design, deployment and operations to VDI as they did with BUSD to datacenter migration and planning to private and hybrid cloud architectural design, orchestration, and implementation. 

These residents consultants work side-by-side with our customer’s IT staff like at the County of San Mateo to understand their goals and work towards them—from planning and design to implementation and deployment to daily operations and ongoing optimization. Additionally, Nutanix Resident Consultants work with customers on technical training and transfer of information (TOI) to ensure a smooth transition to Nutanix. 

You can read more in the Resident Consultant datasheet. You can also email the team our advisory team at to start the dialog on our education, certification, resident consulting, and other consulting services offerings. We are also offering qualified organizations complimentary architect-level technical workshops to build out an enterprise cloud roadmap. 

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