Pay-As-You-Grow with Nutanix and VMware Horizon 6


By Dwayne Lessner
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As an end user of VMware End User Computing (EUC) products since 2008 when the product was called Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1, it’s been a great journey to see how VMware Horizon 6 with View has morphed into a full fledge application delivery platform. The latest version of Horizon offering the ability to deliver virtual desktops and hosted applications with Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services arms businesses with the right deployment method based on use case and cost.

Today customers can take VMware’s EUC strategy and deploy with the same speed and approach of Public Cloud Providers with the security and control over SLA’s in the comfort of their own datacenters. Nutanix with the support VMware is proud to release our latest Reference Architecture on VMware Horizon 6 with View that showcases benefits of pay-as-you-grow infrastructure.

Some of the highlights include:

Nutanix and VMware EUC customers like Serco and Langs Building Supplies enjoy flexible, fast and simple deployments without making concessions for reliability or performance. Nutanix customers can embrace the blend of convergence and web-scale technologies to focus on deploying applications on their own terms.

Read the full reference architecture with Horizon 6 with View on Nutanix and stop by booth #1535 at VMworld to learn about new features that Nutanix and VMware EUC is bringing to the datacenter.

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