Five Other Things that Get Smaller When You Shrink Your Data Center
A Nutanix Complete Cluster can reduce the number of rack units you’ll need to serve applications and data to your enterprise. However, your data center footprint isn’t the only thing you’ll shrink during this transition. We found five other metrics you can use to estimate the impact of a smaller computing solution. 1. Your rent … Continued
Wake Me Up When You Are Ready To Talk CapEx
The title of this entry is an actual quote from a recent meeting I had with a customer. Well, the actual quote was more like “#$@% OpEx, wake me up when you are ready to talk CapEx”, but I thought I would make it a little more family friendly. The language notwithstanding, I empathize with … Continued
Nutanix Complete Cluster-Product Updates (July 2012)
Nutanix is adding new product features at a rapid pace.  I want to pause and take some time to talk about the advancements our engineering team has made. We are excited to support a number of new product features in Nutanix Complete Cluster version 2.5 which was released earlier this year: Support for NFSv3:  We’ve released our own distributed … Continued
Not Just for a Rainy Day
When I was attending Interop in Tokyo a couple of weeks back, I had a few participants ask me the same question: how is Nutanix different from other “converged appliance” vendors? At first I was a bit flummoxed by this question because I didn’t know any other vendor that did what we do. But when … Continued
10 Design Considerations While Building a Storage System for Virtualization
Virtualization is quickly taking over data centers. Gone are the days when IT admins worried about managing operating systems running directly on physical server hardware. The manageability and cumulative performance advantages of virtualization has led to a growing trend where consumer operating systems like Microsoft Windows are run within virtual machines. These virtual...
Back to Basics
Simplicity and minimalist design are in vogue these days. Gone are the days of complicated and convoluted products. As an example, look at Apple, which is setting trends by taking product design motivation from Braun, an established German consumer goods company, and simplifying how users interact with technology. Other examples include minimalistic shoes from Nike, Ne...
Beyond SAN and FCoE!
The Origin of the Storage Area Network (SAN) As the need for shared storage became acute in the early 1990s, fundamental limitations in available technologies hampered efforts to meet this need. Network traffic with Ethernet was typically only 10 Mbps (or 100 if you were lucky), and direct-attached storage impeded the growth and clustering of … Continued
Next-Generation Serviceability: The Four Keys from Nutanix
The serviceability of any product relies on four fundamental actions: (i) observe, (ii) inform, (iii) fix, and (iv) learn. While most products attempt to implement these in some form or another, very few get it right. Today I would like to share with you the secret sauce required to build the most serviceable system in … Continued
Meet Nutanix Series – Laura Jordana
This will be the first post in our new series, “Meet Nutanix,” where various employees at Nutanix will be featured. Read on and learn more about life at Nutanix and what various departments here are working on! Name Laura Jordana Title/Position System Reliability Engineer What’s your background? I started my career as a QA engineer … Continued
An Apple Revolution in Enterprise Computing
The Network is the Bottleneck Cloud Computing is being considered a nirvana for enterprise computing and SMB computing alike. Service-oriented IT — both Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) — are a seminal innovation of the last decade. Broad adoption of, Amazon AWS, and Google Apps, etc. underscores how important t...