2013 Predictions: The End of Big Iron
These predictions were first published as a contributed article in VMblog’s 5th Annual Virtualization and Cloud Prediction Series. For the last few weeks, the Nutanix marketing team kept nudging me to write a blog on 2013 predictions. I kept pushing it off, perhaps subconsciously, because it would have been a royal waste if the world really … Continued
Lessons from the Road
I’d like to start my first blog post with a small introduction. I come from a family of pilots and teachers.  We enjoy technology and travel, and are naturally comfortable speaking to an audience.  As the lead trainer at Nutanix, I have the privilege of sharing our technology with a variety of audiences: customers, partners, … Continued
Walking Into the Nutanix Innovation Storm
This is my first blog post and I would like to take this opportunity to extend my warm greetings to all Nutanix customers, resellers, distributors, technology alliance partners, supporters, followers, and even competitors (who I know are reading this).  After a terrific 3.5 year run at the highly disruptive and successful network security company Palo … Continued
Crawl, Walk, Jog—and Then Sprint
“Sir, would you like a wake-up call tomorrow morning?” the handsome lady behind the counter politely asked as I was checking in to the hotel. I told them no. My job takes me to different parts of the globe and thus to various time zones. I like to keep a packed schedule during the trips … Continued
Optimizing VMware View Performance on Nutanix
The most noticeable IT lapses are those that impact end users on a consistent basis. Coming from a large IT consulting firm I’ve gone through a great deal of datacenter build outs, green field IT deployments and cutovers.  Now from all of those deployments, what was always the biggest issue and caused the most headaches?  … Continued
Perhaps the Sexiest Demo the Tech Field Day Delegates Have Ever Seen?
On Friday a bus load of some of the finest independent bloggers from around the world in the storage and virtualization space arrived bright and early at the M8trix casino in San Jose.  No, they didn’t come for the riveting card games and prime rib buffet. Organized by independent analyst Steven Foskett, these delegates of his … Continued
They (EMC) Think You Are Stupid!
The boy was just 14 years old when he found out that his father killed and ate his pet dog. That was the last straw for the poor Filipino boy; he ran away from his home and became a street dweller. He slept in cardboard boxes and ate whatever he could find. When his close … Continued
Small is Beautiful
“Sudheesh, I will level with you. I like the Nutanix technology, I like how you guys have conceived, designed, and architected the product and I even like you! I know I really could use the increased performance, scalability, and cost savings in my datacenter.” Uh oh…I knew from past experience that anytime a prospective customer … Continued
The Emperor Has No Clothes!
A couple of years ago I was calling on a fairly large customer in the Vancouver area. NetApp had been their preferred storage supplier for many years.  I was there to sell a scale-out storage system for a new database project. The technical decision maker was completely bowled over by the revolutionary scale-out architecture (I … Continued
Nutanix Complete Cluster Certified on VMware's Rapid Desktop Program
VDI is a very hot topic at the moment, with many enterprises and other organizations talking about this technology and deciding whether or not it would be a fit for their organization. In the long run VDI can introduce a great cost savings, provide better manageability, standardizing security, etc. However, the overhead involved in designing, planning and … Contin...