Disaster Recovery – Failover and Failback with Nutanix
Nutanix has built-in VM-Centric, multi-site, bi-directional, multi-topology disaster recovery and replication engine that also supports VMware Site Recovery Manager and Run Book Automation tools. The replication utilizes incremental and fine-grained byte-level data transfers with intelligent data compression, eliminating network and storage resource throttle. Administrator...
All in with Nutanix: DH Technologies
Devin Henderson started DH Technologies with 12 employees on May 1st of 2013 after breaking off from a 3-year old solutions provider in which he was a partner. His new firm began selling Nutanix on the first day, and received a PO within the first week. DH Technologies went on to sell 22 blocks within … Continued
Innovation and the Channel
In 2005, my partner and I started a VMware consultancy. Our business plan was simple: Gain a national reputation for virtualization expertise, and then sell to a big solution provider wanting to acquire a VMware practice. We cashed out just over three years later for $6.2M. Some might feel that we were foolish to sell, … Continued
Nutanix Automation, Policies and the SDDC
In a Nutanix cluster, PRISM is the management gateway for components and administrators to configure and monitor the cluster. This includes NCLI (command-line), the HTML5 UI (administrative interface) and REST API support for the entire management framework, providing customers a choice of building orchestration applications.   Nutanix engineering made sure all featur...
Nutanix scoops excellence in customer service award!
I am delighted to announce that Nutanix has received the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award from Omega Management in recognition of our outstanding customer service and support throughout 2013. The NorthFace ScoreBoard Award recognizes organizations who not only offer exemplary customer service, but who also center their existence on a deep commitment to exceeding customer expecta...
Confessions from Nutanix's first customer
About 4 years ago, I worked for a small integrator and was tasked with designing a VDI infrastructure solution for 1,000 desktops. In those days, this was still a fairly large VDI solution. Although I was a seasoned virtual infrastructure engineer, had never done a desktop solution of that size. A couple of my peers … Continued
Citrix Embraces Converged Infrastructure
Today, Citrix announced a new Citrix Ready program focusing on converged infrastructure solutions that will lower the cost of XenDesktop and XenApp deployments. This is great news for customers who are seeking ways to improve the economics of virtualized apps and desktops – and also need to ensure predictable scalability as the business grows. The Nutanix … Conti...
Hands Down the Ultimate VDI – Part 2
Earlier this week in my article Hands Down the Ultimate VDI/DaaS platform – Persistent Desktops I described how Nutanix help organizations to achieve higher performance, maximum capacity and better end-user experience for VDI deployments. This previous article was mostly focused on Persistent Desktops. I would like now to highlight some of the features implemented in e...
Hands down the best infrastructure platform for VDI
A while back I wrote an article entitled “Open letter to non-persistent VDI fanboys…”. In the article I provided reasons to why persistent VDI makes more sense nowadays for the large majority of use cases. A number of community members have chimed in, and that culminated into a live debate during VMworld 2013 that was … Continued