Nutanix Now – Recap of our First Partner Conference
“The most exciting aspect about Nutanix has to be their passion and enthusiasm. Their approach is refreshing, compelling and as an organization, they’re willing to listen.” Kevin Kaiser – CDW After representing six different channel partner businesses at countless partner conferences during my 25 years in the channel, it was a bit surreal being on … Continue...
They’re getting fired up about Nutanix
When you take the emotion out of buying, Nutanix emerges as the logical first choice As you may have read recently, one of Nutanix’s premier partners won a prestigious contract to replace the data centre infrastructure for a well-known global telecoms analyst. The media has reported how RJM Technology scooped the competition to be the … Continued
Nutanix Controller Failure. Will Users Notice?
Reliability and resiliency is a key, if not the most important piece, to the Nutanix Distributed File System (NDFS). Being a distributed system NDFS is built to handle component, service and controller (CVM) failures. “Reliability is the probability of an item operating for a certain amount of time without failure. As such, the reliability function … Continued
How Nutanix Interacts with the Management Layer
Web-scale architectures are rapidly making their way into the core of enterprise datacenters. This shift is being driven by Nutanix. One of the keys to web-scale is the idea of a shared-nothing architecture. This means that there can be no single point of failure, no bottlenecks anywhere in the system, and scalability with no fixed … Continued
Understanding Web-Scale Properties
Last week Gartner released an article saying that by 2017, Web-scale IT will be an architectural approach found operating in 50 percent of global enterprises. Gartner Says By 2017 Web-Scale IT Will Be an Architectural Approach Found Operating in 50 Percent of Global Enterprises Web-scale IT is more than just a buzzword, it is the … Continued
Introducing Nutanix Next – A Community Passionate About Reinventing Enterprise Datacenters
Today, with great excitement, we are launching a new online community – Nutanix Next.  This online community is open to anyone who is passionate about enterprise datacenters and cloud initiatives.  As a company, Nutanix has always held strong conviction about the importance of establishing and building a vibrant community.  All of the iconic enterprise technology &hel...
Flash – Performance at what cost?
Flash is everywhere these days and everyone likes to throw out impressive performance numbers. If someone told you that flash is faster than a hard drive I am sure the thought that pops into your head is, “yeah… thanks for the info”. Nothing shocking about the statement, the real question is what do you do … Continued
The Basics: Snapshots
In my IT career at work I have never had shared storage that didn’t have snapshots integrated. They were considered fundamental to me if I was going to put all my eggs into one basket. Performance, ease of use and reliability were all deciding factors on selecting a solution. There are lots of different solutions … Continued
Nutanix Disk Self-Healing: Laser Surgery vs The Scalpel
When it comes to healing I think most people would agree with: Corrective action should be taken right away Fixing the underlying issue shouldn’t cause something else to fail Wouldn’t it make sense to take that same philosophy and apply it to your infrastructure? Nutanix being a converged distributed solution is designed for failure. It’s … Continued
Competition is Necessary to Validate Disruption
“Five hundred dollars fully subsidized with a plan! I said that is the most expensive phone in the world and it doesn’t appeal to business customers because it doesn’t have a keyboard, which makes it not a very good email machine”, said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in an interview following the unveiling of the iPhone in … Continued