Nutanix Sales Kick Off and Mad Men Spoof
We had a great Sales Kickoff last week. In preparation for it, Marketing created a quick video for our sales team as a fun way to start off the training. Using Mad Men as our inspiration, we introduced Nutanix as the quick and easy way to set up your own private cloud. Check out our … Continued
Convergence with Scott Adams
Converged architectures coming out of force-fit consortiums are just that — expensive toxic blobs. You pay through your nose, and what you get is glorified professional services and an overstretched one-throat-to-choke argument for support. The mid-market has rightfully rejected the gimmicks. Scott Adams, the God-of-all-McKinsey-strategists, saw this ahead of us when...
VDI Series: Part 3 – Incremental Scalability
In my previous blog post, I talked about how the Nutanix architecture, built ground-up for virtualization, is a perfect fit for the unique performance needs of VDI. In this post, I would like to cover another pain point of VDI – incremental scalability.  It’s commonly known that many VDI deployments fail when trying to scale … Continued
A New Building Block
As part of Khosla Ventures, I’m privileged to be involved with disruptive technologies very early on, sometimes at a stage when it may be hard to fully see the impact that a technology may have on the market. When I met with the founders of Nutanix, I saw very quickly that this was not one … Continued
VDI Series: Part 2 – Addressing Performance
At VMworld back in August, Nutanix was honored with TechTarget’s Best of VMworld – Desktop Virtualization award. With the show being our first public appearance after launching just two weeks prior, this honor surprised many people in the desktop virtualization and general virtualization community.   In this post (continuing our VDI series), I would like to &...
Lessons Learned from Our First VMworld
Back from our first vmworld on the heels of our launch on 8/16, here are some lessons we learned and a highlights video of our experience. 5.  Lock down your laptops or they will get stolen (We lost 3.) 4.  The NO SAN logo on our booth attracts SAN vendors. 3.  Cash giveaways work! 2. … Continued
VDI Series Part 1: Moving Beyond the POC
Gartner released a report in mid 2010 that they expected 50 million VDI desktops by 2013. Then there are the recent newsflashes surrounding VDI : Citrix buys Kaviza and RingCube. AppSense gets a 70 million round of funding from Goldman Sachs.  The VMware View vs Citrix XenDeskop war rages on with new product releases this … Continued
Unleashing Fusion-io in the Nutanix Architecture
Recently did a guest blog post on Fusion-io about how we make use of their ioDrives in the Nutanix architecture.  Take a look @—class-virtualization/
We Are Officially Open for Business
It’s official! We are open for business, after spending many tireless moments building this product and bringing it to market. We can’t help but gush at how beautiful the end product looks and feels and sounds! Best part — it’s low maintenance. How rarely have we seen something that is pretty and yet low maintenance?! … Continued
The Dinosaurs Are Dying
Having spent almost a decade in IBM research inventing bleeding-edge technologies for storage systems, and proudly making them the biggest and baddest creatures in the storage-land, I now feel that the beginning of the end for SAN-like storage systems is hurtling towards us. The last few of the T. rex might be the most vicious … Continued