VMware VSAN Validates an Increasing Shift to Software-Defined Storage
Over 22, 000 people attended the 10th annual VMworld conference last week. This year’s event was a very special one for Nutanix. We became the only company to win three consecutive Best of VMworld awards as determined by an independent industry panel, winning the 2013 Gold Award for the Private Cloud VMware’s cloud infrastructure product … Continued
Announcing Nutanix OS 3.5 – Performance, Manageability and User Centricity for Datacenters, Redefined
A picture is worth a thousand words.So instead of explaining in text what Nutanix is doing for the enterprise datacenter, I am going to compare two different pictures showing the evolution of mobile/smart phones and the evolution of converged infrastructure products. Why did I choose to compare an enterprise datacenter product with a consumer product … Continued
A New VMworld Perspective
There he was up on the big stage at VMworld 2006 general session: my creation, VirtualMan, animated by @JerryChen speaking live with VMware COO, Carl Eschenbach. As a bit of icing on the cake, VMware put up a VirtualMan cut-out where you could get your picture taken as VirtualMan. And the cut-out happened to be close to the booth of … Continued
NutaniX-Men and Women Set to Take Over VMworld 2013
Predictions for the 10th annual VMworld, taking place August 25-29 in San Francisco, are rolling in from many corners of the media, analyst and vendor landscape.  Whether you’re reading predictions from SearchVMware contributors, blogger and virtualization expert Bob Plankers (@plankers), or newly hired VMware Chief Strategist Chuck Hollis (@chuckhollis), a strong theme...
Flexible Replication Topologies with Nutanix Native DR
Replication is a fundamental component of any enterprise disaster recovery (DR) solution, ensuring that critical data and applications can be reliably and efficiently replicated to a different site or a separate infrastructure. While enterprise IT architects have many technology options, there are two replication capabilities that are requisite for any successful enterpris...
Nutanix VCDX Sponsorship
As a company that is home to several VCDXs (VMware Certified Design Expert), Nutanix knows first hand the importance of encouraging qualified candidates to pursue VCDX status. The drive, creativity, and knowledge of a VCDX is difficult to come by and those who possess these qualities deserve recognition. I was fortunate enough to achieve VCDX … Continued
Converged infrastructure belongs EVERYWHERE
Someone asked me the other day how IDC could possibly forecast that converged infrastructure sales would grow to $17.8 billion by 2016. The answer is easy. Converged infrastructure just makes things simpler, not to mention much less expensive. Where doesn’t that make sense? Take branch offices, for instance. Suddenly storage admin skills are not required … Continu...
Why Nutanix is a Great Fit for US Public Sector
Nutanix – Supporting the Federal Mission From Day 1 Nutanix has enjoyed extraordinary success in the Public Sector for a company at our stage and a dinner conversation at Citrix Synergy got me thinking, “Why is this?” Unfortunately, there was a light federal presence at Synergy, and due to Sequestration and government travel restrictions this … Continued