Nutanix and Veeam Help Firms Avoid Disaster
While the major storage array manufacturers typically have the ability to replicate array to array, they do not support replication at the VM level. This precludes replication from many datacenters or offices to one central location. It also leads to challenges in terms of supporting VMware Storage DRS as well as in backing up VMware … Continued
VM-centric Disaster Recovery Done Right
Virtualization is setting the foundation for transforming enterprise datacenters into private clouds. In this flexible, resource pooled, dynamic environment, how do you maintain performance and availability SLAs, while providing all of the other benefits like self-service provisioning and resource elasticity? Delivering 100 percent service availability means having a proac...
The VMware Horizon Suite on Nutanix: A Match Made in Heaven?
This article was originally posted on the VMware End-user Computing blog on April 11, 2013. I recently had the opportunity to head over to the VMware HQ and conduct a white boarding session on the VMware Horizon Suite on Nutanix solution. When looking at the diagram in the solution video I noticed one thing, white … Continued
Software is Also Eating the Data Center
Mark Andreesen’s famous August 2011 WSJ article, Why Software Is Eating the World, discusses how software companies, especially Silicon Valley firms, are disrupting industries across the planet. Most big data center players still cling to the hardware-based models of yore. But the growing ubiquity of the hypervisor as the new data center O/S means that … Continued
Moving Across the Channel
This post was published on Steve Kaplan’s blog, By The Bell, today 3/20/13. Steve Kaplan joins Nutanix to build worldwide partner network. After twenty-five years in the IT channel, including positions at six different solutions providers, writing columns for three different channel magazines, and seats on partner advisory councils for several manufacturers- I’...
The Design Goals Behind the Updated Nutanix Website
It’s been about a week since we launched the updated Nutanix website and so far the feedback we’ve received has been generally very positive.  I wanted to share a bit of the thinking behind the design of the new site.  As I mentioned in my previous blog post, innovation is engrained in our culture at … Continued
Dispelling the VDI Appliance Myth
This post came about through a few discussions on Twitter and encounters in the field, and before I knew it I had volunteered to write a post for the Nutanix Blog. Now my experiences tend to be slanted towards VDI since I’m often brought in to tell war stories of building large VDI environments with … Continued
2013 Predictions: The End of Big Iron
These predictions were first published as a contributed article in VMblog’s 5th Annual Virtualization and Cloud Prediction Series. For the last few weeks, the Nutanix marketing team kept nudging me to write a blog on 2013 predictions. I kept pushing it off, perhaps subconsciously, because it would have been a royal waste if the world really … Continued
Lessons from the Road
I’d like to start my first blog post with a small introduction. I come from a family of pilots and teachers.  We enjoy technology and travel, and are naturally comfortable speaking to an audience.  As the lead trainer at Nutanix, I have the privilege of sharing our technology with a variety of audiences: customers, partners, … Continued
Walking Into the Nutanix Innovation Storm
This is my first blog post and I would like to take this opportunity to extend my warm greetings to all Nutanix customers, resellers, distributors, technology alliance partners, supporters, followers, and even competitors (who I know are reading this).  After a terrific 3.5 year run at the highly disruptive and successful network security company Palo … Continued