There was a big flash, and then the dinosaurs died
This is how it was supposed to end. The legacy SAN and NAS vendors finally realize that Flash is fundamentally different from HDDs. Even after a decade of efforts to completely assimilate Flash into the legacy architectures of the SAN/NAS era, it’s now clear that new architectures are required to support Flash arrays. The excitement … Continued
Calling Nutanix a Storage Company Doesn’t Compute
Disruptive technologies are sometimes positioned within the context of existing solutions – the classic example being the horseless carriage as the initial categorization of automobiles. In our industry, we’ve seen Salesforce evangelize “No Software” long before cloud computing became popular. Citrix emphasized application delivery rather than hosted desktop sessio...
Nutanix Cluster-based Replication vs. Hypervisor-based Replication Solutions
One of the things I like about my work at Nutanix is up-close customer interactions. These let me and the team understand real customer challenges and solve them via innovative products. Recently, in one of my conversations with a customer, we were asked how Nutanix Replication/Disaster Recovery compares to hypervisor-based replication products. This motivated me … ...
Optimizing Public Cloud Infrastructure for Private Clouds
Private cloud attributes of elastic scalability and fractional consumption are inconsistent with the hub and spoke model of traditional storage and compute infrastructure. Proprietary hardware, physical storage controllers, multiple data stores, LUN constraints, and high costs impede the agility that is at the heart of cloud computing. Nutanix’ software-defined platform ...
Power of REST
RESTful APIs are altering the course of web app development. For example, in 2008 Facebook opened up their application platform by documenting and publishing a set of RESTful APIs. As a result, we have witnessed the emergence of companies whose entire business model is based upon building applications for the Facebook platform. RESTful APIs have quickly become the &hell...
The cup has been flipped. (Part III)
Part III: A storm of swords. The coming of a new age.  This is Part III of the story “The cup has been flipped”.  Parts I and II can be found here and here. It is Monday evening of August 26th 2013. After two long years of training, Steve and I walk casually into the Actifio’s VMworld vFlipcup … Continued
The cup has been flipped. (Part II)
Part II: Blood, code, late nights, and cold beer…: This is Part II of the story “The cup has been flipped”. For Part I, go here. Nutanix fridge, circa October 2011. The training begins. We stock the Nutanix fridge with ice cold beverages of every variety. We line the only table in our small office … Continued
The cup has been flipped.
                  The three part story of how a no name company became VMworld champions   Part I: An Unexpected vJourney It is Sunday afternoon of September 15th, 2013. I am walking along Union Square with my family when a harem of fellow vGeeks approaches us. Considering San … Continued
VMware VSAN Validates an Increasing Shift to Software-Defined Storage
Over 22, 000 people attended the 10th annual VMworld conference last week. This year’s event was a very special one for Nutanix. We became the only company to win three consecutive Best of VMworld awards as determined by an independent industry panel, winning the 2013 Gold Award for the Private Cloud VMware’s cloud infrastructure product … Continued
Announcing Nutanix OS 3.5 – Performance, Manageability and User Centricity for Datacenters, Redefined
A picture is worth a thousand words.So instead of explaining in text what Nutanix is doing for the enterprise datacenter, I am going to compare two different pictures showing the evolution of mobile/smart phones and the evolution of converged infrastructure products. Why did I choose to compare an enterprise datacenter product with a consumer product … Continued