Nutanix celebrates 500th employee
As Nutanix hits 500 employees, Talent Acquisition Director, Kevin O’Kane reflects on the current industry boom driving its ongoing recruitment I have worked in the IT industry since the last .com boom and bust. There’s been lots of talk about how we seem to be approaching a repeat of this, but I feel there’s a … Continued
Nutanix Blows Away Industry Net Promoter Scores
No matter how disruptive a new technology may be, if the manufacturer doesn’t provide adequate support, the company isn’t going anywhere. Nutanix strives to back our innovative web-scale IT infrastructure with world-class customer support. The efforts have paid off as Nutanix recently received both a NorthFace ScoreBoard Award with a Net Promoter Score that is …...
NOS 4.0 Cluster Health – Slices & Dices
It slices and it dices! Nutanix Cluster Health is a new feature that will be another great asset in maintaining availability for your Tier 1 workloads. Cluster Health allows the ability to monitor and visually see the overall health of cluster nodes, VMs and disks from a variety of different views. With the ability to … Continued
Nutanix OS 4.0 Brings Web-scale Infrastructure to the Enterprise
It’s an exciting day for Nutanix, one that marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey to disrupt the traditional enterprise IT market. Today, we announced the fourth major release of the Nutanix Operating System, the intelligent software powering the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform. Nutanix OS 4.0, or NOS 4.0 for short, is packed with … Continued
Nutanix Now – Recap of our First Partner Conference
“The most exciting aspect about Nutanix has to be their passion and enthusiasm. Their approach is refreshing, compelling and as an organization, they’re willing to listen.” Kevin Kaiser – CDW After representing six different channel partner businesses at countless partner conferences during my 25 years in the channel, it was a bit surreal being on … Continue...
They’re getting fired up about Nutanix
When you take the emotion out of buying, Nutanix emerges as the logical first choice As you may have read recently, one of Nutanix’s premier partners won a prestigious contract to replace the data centre infrastructure for a well-known global telecoms analyst. The media has reported how RJM Technology scooped the competition to be the … Continued
Nutanix Controller Failure. Will Users Notice?
Reliability and resiliency is a key, if not the most important piece, to the Nutanix Distributed File System (NDFS). Being a distributed system NDFS is built to handle component, service and controller (CVM) failures. “Reliability is the probability of an item operating for a certain amount of time without failure. As such, the reliability function … Continued