Nutanix Channel New Year’s Resolutions
As we head into the holidays and year-end for many of our partners, I continue to be humbled by how our partner community is embracing Nutanix.  Large partners that have been wildly successful with legacy server & storage solution providers for a very long time have shown fantastic enthusiasm and embraced the Nutanix message. As … Continued
My First Use of 3D Printing: My foray into the world of 3D printing with a Nutanix block as my model.
I work for arguably the hottest infrastructure startup since the dawn of time (or Sun Microsystems, 30 years ago, or whatever), a company called Nutanix.  90% of the Nutanix story I tell customers involves the value of our software: the Nutanix Cassandra ring, the Nutanix Distributed Filesystem, and our ability to scale-out in a linear fashion. Yes we use … Con...
Data Locality – SQL & VDI On The Same Nutanix Cluster
Data Locality is the ability to keep compute and storage close together. The amount of data for the big guys that is being ingested into their storage environments is increasing at a ridiculous rate. Facebook has over 350 millions photos day being uploaded into clusters across the world. Once the photos are loaded, they need … Continued
Nutanix delivers a GPU platform that pays for itself – in Bitcoins
For those unaware, Nutanix recently launched the NX-7000 series platform that incorporates one or multiple Nvidia Grid K1 or K2 cards into a Nutanix node.  This combination of the shared or dedicated horsepower of a purpose-built GPU card along with the benefits of the Nutanix virtual computing platform, allow for scale-on-success GPU-enabled virtual desktop solutions. &h...
Another day, another app: Nutanix platform now delivers graphics rich virtual desktops
Most people, at least those with mobile phones, understand that Apple reinvented the way we interact with technology.  They created a revolutionary platform that accommodates an unbelievable spectrum of apps. Even today, more than 930 new apps are created every day, yet the platform remains relatively unchanged.  This is an incredible feat and Apple’s success … ...
Why I Joined Nutanix
Over the past few months, I made a decision to leave a great organization that was a big part of who I was for the past 12+ years. Everyone who has known me since I’ve worked in technology knew that I loved working at my former company, and barely even considered it working most days … Continued
What is the Value of a VCDX to a VMware Ecosystem Partner?
The VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification is the most elite of all certifications in the IT industry, and by far the most difficult to achieve. Written exams, preparation of a solution design that can run hundreds of pages, and having to defend all aspects of this design are all part of the certification process. … Continued
There was a big flash, and then the dinosaurs died
This is how it was supposed to end. The legacy SAN and NAS vendors finally realize that Flash is fundamentally different from HDDs. Even after a decade of efforts to completely assimilate Flash into the legacy architectures of the SAN/NAS era, it’s now clear that new architectures are required to support Flash arrays. The excitement … Continued