Minimize Cloud Costs with This Workshop
Seasoned business professionals know that success in business is determined by your bottom line. In recent history, optimizing financial performance can be attributed to a number of things, but none more impactful than innovation in tech. And one of the most prominent IT innovations impacting enterprise balance sheets across the globe has been cloud computing. … Con...
Powering an IT revolution with HCI and hybrid clouds at .NEXT 2019
Spring is around the corner and with the season comes .NEXT 2019—the IT industry’s leading enterprise cloud conference. May 7-9, thousands of IT pros will flock to Anaheim to discuss everything—from hyperconverged infrastructure to hybrid cloud, cloud automation, IoT, and more— that’s contributing to the IT revolution happening now. The IT Revolution In so many &...
Share Your Xpertise
It’s an adage we all know well: “It’s not just what you know; it’s who you know.” I think it has survived over time because it’s true, especially professionally. Building a network is one of the key strategies for any of us to advance our careers. But what do people do if they don’t have … Continued
Virtualizing Federal Information Technology
Information technology has evolved immensely over the last three decades, stimulating productivity in many industries. Educational institutions have reinvented the classroom experience by leveraging computers and mobile devices to facilitate learning. Doctors have been able to identify health risks early through cutting edge software and offer preventative means for treatm...
Defining DaaS: Desktop-as-a-Service
A new level of confusion hit the tech world when cloud computing became practical in the enterprise and the term “XaaS” was coined. XaaS, or anything-as-a-service, was used to describe the seemingly endless list of digital services that can be delivered via the cloud. Initially it wasn’t the most intuitive acronym for non-engineers. Fast forward … Continued
Introducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) View for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
IT decision makers operating multi-cloud environments need to make critical budgeting and investment decisions about their cloud investments. Quite often they lack a single view into the ongoing operational costs of their private cloud and datacenter environments to arrive on an accurate total cost of ownership (TCO). While public cloud providers offer some level of cloud...
Are you on Track to Meet your Datacenter Resolutions?
Time for a check-in: How well are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? If you answered with a sharp inhale and a shake of the head, you’re not alone. In fact, about 80% of folks aren’t able to stick to their resolutions. But when it comes to your datacenter, resolutions are not something to … Continued
What Does it Take to be a Cloud Game Changer?
Cloud game changer: Noun. A company that has elevated its IT operations and increased its competitive edge with an innovative, future-forward cloud strategy. A definition is a start, but what it doesn’t tell us is what it takes to become a cloud game changer  yourself. Moving away from the strain of antiquated infrastructure, lost weekends, … Continued
vTax-Free Operations
In case you missed it (wink), we launched our global You Decide campaign last month. Customers who’ve experienced the sting of the vTax were quick, and brave, to share their perspectives on what it means to break free of the financial, operational, and personal taxes of legacy systems. Over the course of 3 blogs, I’ll … Continued
Multi-Cloud Budgeting and Chargeback in Xi Beam
Businesses have increasingly been adopting a multi-cloud approach for their IT infrastructure with applications and workloads running in both public and private cloud environments. The increased adoption of public clouds has primarily been driven by the ease of deployment of resources in public clouds. Do you have a credit card? Great, off you go consuming … Continu...