The 5.0 Release is Here
2016 was an extremely busy year for us so far. Two major software releases (4.6 in February and 4.7 in June) and innumerable minor releases from the product side, two major .NEXT events (in Las Vegas and Vienna) and over a 100 smaller .NEXT on the road events across the world, phenomenal customer growth and … Continued
The Steady Beat of .heart
I glanced at the clock and our 30-minute check-in meeting was now already on minute 93. We were discussing our upcoming diversity panel and each comment provided more fuel to the already energetic conversation. This, however, was not unique to the panel discussion. When people talk about gender diversity, our drives or volunteering, they light … Continued
One Year in with the Lenovo-Nutanix Partnership
I am here at the Gartner Datacenter Conference in Las Vegas and am reflecting back on this past year since Lenovo and Nutanix announced a joint partnership to deliver a Lenovo-branded hyperconverged appliance powered by Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software. With this agreement, the Lenovo HX series of hyperconverged appliances was born.   Lenovo has proven … Conti...
Nutanix Announces the Industry’s Only Hyperconverged Solution for Cisco UCS Blades
Today, we are at the .NEXT On-Tour event in Boston and are bringing more exciting news about continuous innovation. A number of vendors, including Nutanix™, offer hyperconverged solutions running on Cisco® UCS® C-Series rackmount servers. However, the majority of UCS® shipments are B-Series Blade Servers. Nutanix pioneers again and addresses this deficiency by announc...
Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Just Got Better
Today, at the .NEXT User Conference in Vienna, we made several exciting product announcements that further the vision of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. You can read the press release. The ambition of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is bringing cloud-like operational simplicity to enterprise datacenters. If the enterprise datacenter behaves and operates like a...
OGD Heads to .NEXT EMEA 2016
An Interview with Joep Piscaer, CTO of OGD ict-diensten We recently interviewed Joep Piscaer to find out what’s happening at OGD ict-diensten and to see if he is planning to attend .NEXT EMEA in Vienna this year. Here are some highlights of our conversation. Q. Can you tell me a little about OGD and your … Continued
Delen Private Bank Heads to .NEXT Vienna 2016
An Interview with Sammy Bogaert, Senior Systems Administrator, Delen Private Bank We recently interviewed Sammy Bogaert, Senior Systems Administrator at Delen Private Bank, to ask about his company’s Nutanix implementation and to see what he has planned for .NEXT this year. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation. Q. Can you tell me … Continued
Listening to Healthcare CIOs
We recently had the opportunity to conduct a focus group with healthcare executives from US provider organizations. Most were CIOs, with a CTO and CEO also participating. The questions we had prepared were designed to elicit useful information for our product strategy and marketing efforts. In some cases, the answers didn’t support pieces of the … Continued
Helkama Emotor Group Heads to .NEXT Vienna 2016
An Interview with Kim Wikström, IT Manager at Helkama Emotor Group We recently interviewed Kim to ask about his company’s Nutanix implementation, and to see if he is planning to attend .NEXT in Vienna this year. Here are some highlights of our conversation. (A full case study on the Helkama Nutanix deployment is available.) Q. … Continued
App-Centric Assessments with SQL Server Xplorer
So you want to run Microsoft SQL Server on Nutanix? Nutanix fully supports Microsoft SQL server configurations ranging in scale up, scale out and high availability configurations. Nutanix has developed and leverages a number of software automations and best practices designed to ensure that you not only get the best possible performance and availability but … Contin...