Tidying up Your Datacenter
Do you greet your datacenter when you walk in? Do you thank your nodes, racks, and cables for all the hard work they’ve done? Do you neatly arrange your hardware so it’s clearly visible and accessible? While Marie Kondo, expert tidier, author, and host of Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, likely hasn’t applied her … Continued
Visibility is Key for Cloud Security and Cost Success
Managing your cloud environment is a lot like driving a car. While driving, you’re watching for other drivers and potential dangers – all while abiding by the rules of the road. Well, in the cloud, your provisioning resources but also monitoring costs, security, and compliance. Pretty straight forward, right? But what if you had to … Continued
DevOps and Cloud Computing: Beyond the Hype
Cloud and DevOps have played a big role in helping IT address some of the biggest transformative shifts of our times. The rise of the service economy, unprecedented pace of disruption, and infusion of digital into everyday life are just some examples. These are the shifts that are driving business in the 21st century. The … Continued
Jedis, Robots, and Dark Angels —.NEXT 2019 Keynotes!
If you’ve attended a .NEXT Conference you know we tend to be a wee bit quirky and spontaneous in our main stage keynotes. We’ve had Nutanix executives break out in a “Steve Ballmer monkey dance” in 2015; David Blaine hold his breath underwater while Steve Poitras upgraded an HCI stack in 2016; Nutanix CEO Dheeraj … Continued
Moving On Up: Hierarchy of IT Needs and the Cloud
IT has come a long way from providing IT infrastructure and application services to being a driver of business change. This evolution has been one of the most widely covered topics by analysts and IT pundits — encouraging IT leadership and staff to take a broader role in business and the market. However, this is … Continued
Join Nutanix at Hannover Messe 2019
Will you be coming to the world’s leading industrial technology show, with over 220,000 attendees? Come join Nutanix at Hannover Messe in Hannover, Germany from April 1-5 to learn how the Nutanix Xi IoT platform can help jump start your industrial intelligence initiatives. Nutanix is helping our manufacturing customers increase efficiency and maximize productivity by &he...
5 Reasons Not to Attend .NEXT 2019
If you’re an IT pro, leader, or just an enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of .NEXT. If not, here’s an overview: With thousands of industry experts, 100+ sessions, certification courses, and hands-on labs, .NEXT is the only cloud conference dedicated to the latest in datacenter and enterprise cloud technologies. But you already know why you should … Continued
Of Mice and Men and Mother Nature: Preparing for Disaster
Most people prefer not to think about disasters–which is why, despite all of the available information, most people are grossly underprepared when disasters do occur. The same holds true for enterprises. No one disputes that a datacenter outage, or even worse, the total loss of a datacenter, can be catastrophic–in terms of revenue, productivity, and … Co...
Say Goodbye to the vTax and Hello to Quality Time
A few weeks ago I shared a blog on what it means to be free of the operational burdens that come with the vTax. You may recall we introduced and defined what we meant by “the vTax” as part of our global You Decide campaign, where customers of all sizes, industries and locations weighed in … Continued