Top 10 Cloud Management Questions Answered
The arrival of cloud computing has provided organizations with reliable and secure computing capacity delivered with ease – just as everyday utilities are. By leveraging the cloud, you now have a simple approach to access servers, storage, databases and a complete selection of application services you can use via the internet. The omnipresent availability of … Con...
5 Keys to Cloud Compliance in 2019
If you’ve been employed in a formal engagement of some kind, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the idea of regulatory compliance. Remember when you were signing what seemed to be a thousand documents the day you accepted the job? Well within a few of those pages lie specific instructions on how to safeguard sensitive … Continued
The State of Federal IT
There’s an old proverb (and possibly a curse), to wit: “May you live in interesting times.” Regarding Federal IT, we certainly do live in interesting times. On one hand, there are decades worth of legacy IT systems crowding Federal datacenters. On the other, there is the promise of public cloud, transforming IT budgets to pay-as-you-go, … Continued
Join Nutanix at HIMSS Conference and Exhibition: February 12-14, 2019
Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), the leading health information and technology conference, bringing together 45,000+ healthcare professionals from 90+ countries for the education, innovation, and collaboration to transform the healthcare industry is taking place in Orlando, Florida. Nutanix once again will be one of the main exhibitors at the ...
A Pragmatic Path to the Retail Cloud
McKinsey Group’s analysis of how retailers are leveraging the enterprise cloud aligns with Nutanix’s retail solutions. The tangible benefits of the enterprise cloud are transforming retail. These cloud-driven changes are more than a marginal evolution toward more efficient, scalable, and connected business systems. As explored in this analysis by McKinsey, the cloud ha...
Preventing Data Breaches with App-Centric Security
Ready for a sobering stat? Over 6 million data records are lost every day. 1 The volume and sophistication of cyber attacks along with extensive losses from successful exploits being covered in the media have made security a top priority for IT leadership. No business wants to make headlines because of a security breach. Taking … Continued
Why Can’t IT Administrators and Decision Makers Agree on Cloud?
Here’s a test. Would you be comfortable giving a definition of ‘the cloud’ to a stranger? If you have any doubts, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Some people consider Dropbox to be a cloud. Others think that virtualized data centers are private clouds. And many people get mixed up about the differences between cloud … Continued
It’s Time to Forge a Consensus on Cloud
Ever since the emergence of cloud, there’s been fierce debate about which architecture is best. Public and private cloud both have their advocates. To get more insight into this subject, we carried out a worldwide survey of IT decision-makers and infrastructure professionals in 2018. 1 The findings showed a clear preference for one type of … Continued
Test your Datacenter Knowledge!
So, you work in a datacenter. Maybe you spend a lot of time there. You might even spend some unforeseen weekends there. You might know your datacenter pretty well, but how well do you know what’s happening in other datacenters around the world? Based on findings from the 2018 State of the Enterprise Datacenter report, … Continued
Nutanix CEO Letter to Stockholders
DEAR STOCKHOLDERS, This September, we completed two years as a public company and nine years since we were founded in 2009. It has not even been a decade and we have already done more than $3.5 billion in lifetime sales, transformed to a software business model while being publicly traded, surpassed $1 billion in annual … Continued