AWS Announces S3 Intelligent Tiering, What is it Really?
AWS Delivers Automatic Cost Savings with S3 Intelligent Tiering Amazon Simple Storage Service, better known as AWS S3, is one of the oldest and most widely used solutions from Amazon Web Services. S3 is designed to store terabytes of customer data with high availability and scale. Prior to AWS S3 Intelligent Tiering, Amazon cloud users … Continued
The Nutanix Customer Journey: A Perspective from .NEXT, EMEA
As we head into .NEXT London tomorrow, I’ve found myself taking a step back to reflect on how far we have come as a company since we were founded nine years ago. In less than 10 years, we have done nearly $4 billion in lifetime sales, transformed from a hardware to a software business model … Continued
The Importance of Cloud Security and Compliance for Your Business
It’s becoming a story we’re all too familiar with: even one cloud security incident, usually arising out of a badly implemented cloud compliance policy can send a company on a downward spiral with legal fees, customer anger (or worse, customer loss), and bad press. In the past couple years we’ve seen the story played out … Continued
The Four Biggest Roadblocks that Slow Hybrid Cloud Adoption
Companies today are pursuing a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud strategy as a way to accelerate digital transformation and make IT services more agile and cost-effective. By combining private and public clouds, you can deliver the right resources for each application and achieve greater efficiency while avoiding getting locked into a particular environment. However, there are &...
How we got to Hyperconverged Infrastructure
With hyperconvergence adoption on the rise, it’s hard to believe HCI is a relatively new player in the grand scheme of IT. In fact, according to the State of the Enterprise Datacenter report, 67% of respondents are either using or are planning to adopt hyperconverged infrastructure. Growing demands for simplified management, increased performance, and reduced … Co...
The Future of the Datacenter is Multicloud
For too long IT organizations and the datacenters they run have been cost centers bogged down with elaborate processes that stymie innovation. The advent of cloud computing has transformed IT service delivery, providing unprecedented levels of flexibility and agility. Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google offer an array of IaaS and PaaS options for … Conti...
What IT is Digging
We’ve learned a lot of interesting things about IT teams’ infrastructure needs, pain points, and challenges in our conversations with IT pros around the globe. But along the way, we’ve also learned some pretty interesting things about what IT pros are into in the world beyond the datacenter. Here’s a sampling based on questions we’ve … ...
28 Actions You Can Take to Manage Cloud Costs
With the cloud becoming the new normal, and organizations moving toward digital business initiatives, the dynamics of IT have completely changed. While cloud provides the IT infrastructure nimbleness required by the new generation businesses, it also brings along challenges like complex cloud cost management & additional cloud security and compliance requirements.
The 7 Essential Steps for IT Transformation
IT strategy has shifted to prepare for and kickstart digital transformation as a business-critical initiative—but there’s still a datacenter to run. Leading IT strategist and Dartmouth College Professor Vijay Govindarajan puts it eloquently when he says, “Strategy is really about how you create your future while managing the present.” In the recent IDC report Digit...
5 Architectural Principles to Consider before Choosing Your Infrastructure
When it comes to application and desktop virtualization projects, choosing the right infrastructure for your business is among the most important decisions you’ll need to make. Second only to selecting a strategy and software vendor for delivering End User Computing (EUC) services and applications, infrastructure is the bread and butter from which you’ll build your &he...