Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX): Why We Built It and Why It Matters

By Mark Brunstad
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“Infrastructure design at the X-level is an incredibly demanding art. It requires a superbly skilled technologist who can capture the essence of a business enterprise and create the foundation for its success. If you aspire to be NPX this should be your primary goal.”

On Tuesday March 17th we launched the NPX Program. I’ve conducted interviews, answered requests for information, and read many, many comments since the announcement—and the most common question has been, “Why did Nutanix build this?” There has been some interesting speculation and some inflammatory rhetoric to go along with it, but the real reason is simple enough. We built NPX for our customers.

Everyone who knows me, and my history with Enterprise Architect programs, also knows that delivering the best possible solutions for customers has always been the focus of my work. The programs I’ve managed have produced some of the best solution architects practicing in the SDDC ecosystem today. All have been rigorous, and that rigor has produced consistent, repeatable results in the field. The quality and consistency of the services delivered by graduates have helped software and solutions companies grow their brands—and have opened a lot of doors for the people who have invested their time in achieving certification. All of this has happened for one reason, because customer needs have been driving it all.

Nutanix is all about leading the charge to simplifying IT through hyperconvergence and web-scale architecture. Obviously I’m a true believer in their software-defined vision of the future, and my belief is based on a long history in tech. Having been on the front lines during the advent of TCP/IP and the Internet, I know this to be true: Simple, industrial-strength solutions with good economics have enormous gravity—and they always win. Nutanix is such a solution.

So, enter NPX.

To free our customers from the hairball that is the 3-tier datacenter of today, we need Enterprise Architects who can make web-scale migrations happen flawlessly, every time. That requires knowing complex legacy environments—and having the skills to design a migration plan that keeps them alive and well. All this while we build a better, simpler future for our customers.

That’s what NPX is. The skills to do that difficult job and do it better than anybody else in the industry. Bottom line: NPX is hard so Nutanix customers can enjoy a future that’s easier.

If you want to be NPX and help your customers join the Nutanix web-scale revolution, you can register and we’ll send you the NPX Design Review Preparation Guide and the NPX Program Application. Or contact me directly at and I’ll do what I’ve always done—answer your questions and connect you with the resources you need to get there.

Very Best Regards,

Mark D. Brunstad
NPX Program Manager, Nutanix, Inc.