Nutanix Deconstructed: What Our Subscription Evolution Means for Partners

By Claudia Lee
| min

If you love learning something new each and every day, then Nutanix is the right partner for you.

In 10 breathtaking years, we’ve evolved from a startup to a market leader. Our journey from a single product provider into a multi-product platform, then from a hardware appliance-based to a software-only company, and now at the start of our FY20 into a subscription-based company, keeps us focused on customer delight and energized as an organization. But, we know that this rapid pace of change can make it challenging for our partners to understand our decisions and direction.

I’m pleased to share that we’re kicking off a partner strategy series to shine a light on some of these developments. It’s called Nutanix Deconstructed. We’ll cover topics beyond our core communications which primarily focus on product news, channel programs, technical enablement, and other tools to help you sell. We’ll hear from a mix of familiar experts and some whom you may not have heard from before.

On August 28, 2019, Nutanix announced its fourth quarter and fiscal year results and beat Wall Street expectations on many fronts. Yet, many partners are still unclear or confused about Nutanix performance, namely whether growth remains healthy and at pace with competition. I hope you enjoy Episode 1 of Nutanix Deconstructed below with Nutanix CFO Duston Williams, to learn more.

Through the past 10 years, one thing has stayed constant at Nutanix -- our belief that change is necessary to stay customer-focused, to grow, and to win. This culture of continually transforming may not be for everyone, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. As a partner, I hope you can harness the innovation that comes from these transformations and maximize your customer and personal success.