Nutanix celebrates 500th employee

By Kevin O'Kane
| min

As Nutanix hits 500 employees, Talent Acquisition Director, Kevin O’Kane reflects on the current industry boom driving its ongoing recruitment
I have worked in the IT industry since the last .com boom and bust. There’s been lots of talk about how we seem to be approaching a repeat of this, but I feel there’s a difference with the current buoyant market. Last time everyone had these great technology ideas, but the infrastructure to support them just wasn’t there. This time, I can see those ideas are being resurrected but now we have the infrastructure to be able to deliver and execute them successfully.

I see Nutanix really reflecting the times. We have identified a requirement in the global market place and our great idea is providing a service that has been required by IT departments for a long time. When we talk about the company, it’s often about how our technology is bringing convergence to the world of compute and storage and is revolutionizing the datacentre. Well, it’s no coincidence that we feel our rapid success is also down to the convergence of the talent of our great people.

We’ve been able to attract top calibre employees because they can see how we’ll succeed in today’s market. The excitement is contagious and we’re enticing the top talent by word of mouth. In the past few months alone, we’ve doubled the amount of applications we’ve had directly through the website, which for my team is really satisfying to see. People have heard the buzz surrounding Nutanix and can see that working for a company that is changing the landscape of technology is an incredibly exciting prospect.

However, the market is a competitive place at the moment and, with so many progressive and innovative companies out there, in order to attract the best talent we really have to sell the company and promote who we are and what an exhilarating place it is to work. That’s shifted the role of the HR team over the last few years as the top talent have become even more selective about where they choose to work. Although great talent is scarce, what we see time and again resonating with people is the story of Nutanix – the space we’re in, the product and the technology – and that’s what’s pulling them in.

The DNA of the Nutanix team is incredibly diverse, but one thing we all have in common is our hands on approach to getting the job done, irrespective of title or rank. We go about our jobs with a passion, working as a team and tackling challenges together.

So, as we surpass our 500th employee I am excited for what the future holds at Nutanix. Between April 2013 and April 2014 we’ve hired, on average, one person a day – that’s the phenomenal rate at which we’re growing. The team here truly care about the direction of the business, the innovation and ideas are a constant source of fascination to me. Here’s to the next 500 employees.