Nutanix and Crystal Group Extend Enterprise Cloud Beyond the Datacenter

By Sachin Chheda
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Servers are most often deployed in datacenters where the environment is closely controlled. Temperature, humidity, dust, and vibration are rarely a concern. But not all server deployments have it so easy. The need for high performance compute and storage doesn’t stop at the datacenter walls.

A wide range of organizations—energy, communications, mining, hospitality, military, government and more—need infrastructure that can stand up to harsh physical conditions in the field—and that can operate in tactical environments including onsite deployments, ships, and planes—to support workloads such as databases, security and event information management (SEIM), virtualized desktops and other applications. That’s why Nutanix is partnering with Crystal Group, Inc. to offer a new platform powered by Nutanix Acropolis and Prism software running on highly-reliable and ruggedized Crystal RS2616PS18, a highly reliable server platform,with state-of-the-art Intel processors and SSDs.

Founded in 1987, Crystal Group is a leading manufacturer of ruggedized and industrial servers, displays, network devices and other components designed to meet demanding US Military standards for temperature, humidity, altitude, shock, and vibration.

NTNX Crystal

The joint Nutanix and Crystal solution for extreme environments supports critical applications in conditions that could quickly degrade or destroy conventional servers. The solution is ideal for environments that demand rapid deployment, linear scaling, high availability, secure operations, and exceptional performance and efficiency:

  • Able to withstand harsh environments. The solution is designed for conditions where temperature, humidity, shock, and vibration are a concern.
  • Decreases footprint. By converging compute, storage, and virtualization, the solution eliminates separate storage systems, and reduces power, space, and cooling.
  • Accelerates deployment and simplifies management. Installed in a few hours or less and easily manageable, this solution is ideal in environments where IT expertise is limited.
  • Scales to meet growing demands. Additional storage capacity and compute can be added quickly with predictable results.
  • Provides high availability. Infrastructure self-heals from drive and server failures—critical for environments where service may be delayed. Software and firmware updates are simple and non-disruptive.
  • Delivers a security hardened environment. Nutanix systems are certified under many industry evaluation programs to help ensure compliance with the strictest standards.
  • Offers predictable performance and efficiency. Advanced Intel processors and high density flash storage, coupled with Nutanix web-scale engineering, deliver predictable performance for a wide range of workloads including databases, high performance applications, virtual desktops, visualization, email, file serving and more. Extensive data reduction decreases storage needs and minimizes footprint.

Use Cases

The joint solution is ideal for almost any situation where environmental conditions exceed the limits of conventional computing and storage. Common use cases include:

  • Military and Government. Rugged solutions are needed for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), cybersecurity, command and control (C2), humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) and other field and mobile operations.
  • Oil and Gas. Rugged solutions can support upstream needs for reservoir modeling, well production monitoring, production analysis, pipeline health monitoring, and other field operations, or downstream needs such as refining and processing.
  • Communications. High-reliability, application-ready computing solutions are useful for mobile switching centers and other communications requirements as well as communication applications in IT, medicine, broadcast media, and security markets.
  • Mining. Rugged computers that can stand up to particulate contamination, heat, and vibration are needed to monitor and store data, monitor speed and position of tunneling machines, support topology mapping, surface mining, and more.
  • Hospitality. A variety of hospitality industry applications, from amusement parks to cruise ships, benefit from a computing solution that can withstand heat, humidity, vibration, and other environmental stresses.
  • Internet of Things. As the Internet of Things expands, computing and storage is increasingly needed in edge locations to store and pre-process data from machinery, sensors, and other objects.

These are just some of the benefits and use cases of the Nutanix and Crystal enterprise cloud solution for extreme environments. To learn more:

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