.NEXT in Vegas and the Wheel at the Party

By Julie O'Brien
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This past week in Las Vegas, we were honored and humbled to host more than 2,500 guests at our .NEXT conference, up from ~960 at our inaugural event in Miami last year. We began planning 12 months ago, sweating the details. Would the service and quality of the hotel hit the mark? Would the content be engaging and educational? Would we attract the right attendees and provide strong networking opportunities? Would it be as fun as last year?

Unfortunately, despite the best-laid plans, we messed up in not getting rid of the entrance-way greeting wheel that the club provides as entertainment. You either use it or cordon it off during an event. We elected to use it, and that was a mistake that we deeply regret.

Nutanix respects everyone in our workforce and community. We are committed to making sure nothing like this happens again, and to working harder to make sure we always reflect our core values as a company.

I want to personally thank those of you who have reached out to share your thoughts and feedback.

Thank you for keeping us humble and honest.