New eBook Explores Impact of IoT, AI, and Automation on Manufacturing

By Bao Phan
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Bao Phan, Sr. Verticals Marketing Manager

Manufacturing organizations often join us in our Executive Briefing Center (EBC) to learn how Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can help modernize their infrastructure. We value the opportunity to hear about their vision and the challenges they face. Our customers inspire us to innovate and meet those challenges head on.

Recent EBC sessions have included a demo of our latest edge platform services, Project Sherlock, which will allow you to manage Internet of Things (IoT) devices and massive amounts of data at the edge faster.

IoT is opening up new opportunities in nearly every aspect of manufacturing and has the potential to have an immediate impact on the manufacturing floor. For instance, a number of our customers already have cameras monitoring production operations and quality checks. Data from these cameras can be fed into intelligence engines to identify process improvements and/or automatically detect potential issues before they become costly.

As manufacturers are looking for ways to take advantage of emerging technologies like IoT and AI, they don’t necessarily require large-scale initiatives to get started. The best path toward success is to leverage assets already in place that can integrate with these technologies—plant floor cameras being a good example. When you run your IT infrastructure on Nutanix, you’ll benefit from simplified management, automated processes, and advanced capabilities to help accelerate your technology initiatives and stay ahead of the competition.

You can find out more about IoT and the other emerging technologies shaping the future of manufacturing in the new eBook, The Definitive Guide to Emerging Technologies in Manufacturing IT. This eBook describes how the four technologies critical to the future of manufacturing—Cloud, IoT, AI, and automation—work together like the pieces of a puzzle:

Check out the opportunities, challenges, and key use cases for each technology and learn how you can use them to increase efficiency and improve supply chain management.

Download the ebook to learn more.

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