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By Angelo Luciani
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Making Invisible Networking Infrastructure for the Enterprise Cloud

We recently sat down with Kevin Deierling, VP of Marketing at Mellanox. Kevin will be speaking at Nutanix .NEXT, which runs from June 20th to 22nd at the Wynn Resort, Las Vegas. Mellanox intelligent interconnect solutions increase data center efficiency by providing the highest throughput and lowest latency. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation.

Mellanox has long been in the networking space across a wide range of segments. What are some of the IT challenges your customers are facing?

Most enterprises need to upgrade their existing IT infrastructure to meet their business needs – to support more applications and more users in the most efficient way possible. Traditional IT infrastructures are based on separate compute and storage networks, with centralized, monolithic storage systems. This traditional architecture is costly from both a capex and opex perspective, and is also difficult and expensive to deploy, maintain, and scale out. Forward thinking enterprises seek to achieve the efficiency, agility, and scalability underpinning advanced cloud datacenter architectures. The biggest challenge for these enterprises is around the planning, deployment, and maintenance of a cloud architecture in a way that is economically and operationally efficient. This is precisely where Nutanix and Mellanox are bringing innovation to bear to make these challenges disappear.

We are excited to have you at .NEXT both as a speaker and as an exhibitor. What are some of the technologies you plan on showcasing at .NEXT?

The Nutanix enterprise cloud solution focuses on simplicity to make deployment and operation of compute, storage, and virtualization infrastructure nearly invisible. However, the networking of this hyperconverged infrastructure remains a challenge. Mellanox integration with Nutanix makes the networking infrastructure invisible, too. For Nutanix customers, it means they no longer have to worry about burdening sophisticated networking resources for a deployment. The integration with Nutanix to simplify deployment and make networking invisible is exactly what Mellanox will showcase at the .NEXT conference.

We will demonstrate our unique Top-of-the-Rack (TOR) Ethernet switches, the SX1012s. The SX1012 offers unparalleled density, flexibility, price/performance, scalability, and ease of deployment. The SX1012 provides up to 48 10GbE ports in a half-rack 1RU form factor. No other switch on the market offers such a form factor. If you put two of these switches side-by-side, they give you networking HA in the rack yet only take 1RU rack space. It’s really ideal for enterprise customers, where HA is a must.

Best of all, the SX1012 supports 40Gb/s Ethernet as well. Each of its 12 physical ports can run at 40Gb/s, so it’s future proof. When customers are ready to migrate to 40Gb/s, their investment in TOR switches is protected. The SX1012 also supports 1Gb/s connection with an adaptor and a transceiver module.

SX1012 is validated as “Nutanix Ready for Networking” following functional and compatibility testing. With 50% saving in rack space and up to 3x better $/Gb/s, more and more customers use SX1012 as the TOR with their Nutanix solution. The message is quite simple – why would you pay more and get less?

The Nutanix Prism platform provides transparent and continuous operation support for compute, storage, and virtualization. Mellanox network management software, NEO, adds to this by taking care of all of the networking configuration. At .NEXT, we will show how NEO works side-by-side with Nutanix OVM to automate management of the complete infrastructure in OpenStack. Using REST APIs, NEO is easily and seamlessly integrated with other management software.

What are the topics you are most excited to see and hear at the conference?

I’m looking forward to learning more about how Nutanix is broadening its focus beyond hyperconverged infrastructure to address customer needs for enterprise clouds. It will be interesting to learn about best practices for private clouds such as running OpenStack cloud on Nutanix. Enterprise clouds are about operational efficiency. We’ve talked about the agility, ease of use, and automation. But, in fact, enterprise cloud is also a consolidation story. It’s about consolidating all your workloads onto one infrastructure. When all sorts of workloads are on the same platform including real time analytics and OLTP workloads, high-speed networking really makes a difference. We’ll be excited to see high-performance use cases at the conference, where the Mellanox Ethernet solution shines.

Can you give our audience a sneak peak of what you are going to be talking about at .NEXT?

We’ll be covering the concept of how, through integration with Nutanix, we can build invisible networks, automated network provisioning, and increase enterprise reliability. We’ll also discuss data transport overhead and the impact on application performance. These are all hallmarks of building the world class network that is essential to create an enterprise cloud that can achieve webscale IT efficiency and scalability.

Kevin Deierling, Mellanox’s VP of Marketing, will speak at the .NEXT conference, sharing his vision on why Invisible Networks are Critical to Deploying Enterprise Cloud Solutions, how network auto-configuration and deployment can accelerate your enterprise cloud deployment, and what to look for in next generation Ethernet switches to ensure hassle free, efficient, and invisible connectivity.

Visit us at Booth G9 at the 2016 .NEXT Conference.

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