Learn New Edge Techniques: IoT, AI and Analytics in Three Days at IoT Solutions World Congress, Barcelona

By Rohit Goyal
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We are about a month away from IoT Solutions World Congress and we are very excited to be a diamond sponsor from the 29th-31st of October, 2019. We are bringing our bright and talented Nutanix Xi IoT team members and partners to talk to you about IoT/AI edge use cases with powerful live demos. Stop by our booth located at Gran Via, Hall P2, Level 0, Street D, Stand # D421 for your chance to win some great prizes while you learn something new and innovative.

Smart Factory Lego Demo

Nutanix Xi IoT platform is a 100% software solution that delivers local compute, storage, machine learning and intelligence for IoT/AI edge deployments, converging the edge and cloud into a seamless application development platform that eliminates complexity and accelerates deployment, so developers can focus on business logic.

Data Analyzed in Real-time at the Edge

And Xi IoT’s consumer-grade simplicity makes it ideal for use cases across industries:

Smart retail to create cashierless checkout systems, delivering increased performance and availability.
Smart manufacturing for predictive maintenance and product quality checks, improving inspection quality and reducing downtime (seamless integration with PTC’s Kepware)
Oil-and-gas for modernizing OT stacks, lowering maintenance costs
Local governments for traffic management in smart cities, cutting travel time and CO2 emissions
Telcos for providing cloud-native services at the 5G edge, reducing network strain while maintaining performance.

Join these sessions on 29th-31st of October to learn all about IoT, AI, and Analytics:

Achieve Success in IoT - Go from Ambition to Action with Planet-scale Competitiveness, Wednesday, 30th October, 10:25am - 10:55am

Description: Many organizations are on a digital transformation journey, however, the business impact and new revenue streams are not always clear. Whether your organization focuses on a single industry, or spans across multiple areas of focus, your IoT initiatives will likely incorporate data from a multitude of different sensor types. It’s become imperative to quickly and easily harness the power of data and set your organization apart from the rest. In this session, Satyam Vaghani, GM/VP of IoT & AI, Nutanix, will share real-world examples of organizations that have rapidly put their aspirations into play at planet-scale. Walk away learning how Xi IoT can be used in smart retail to do cashierless checkout systems, in smart cities to do traffic analysis, and in smart factories to do predictive maintenance and product quality checks.

Modernizing OT and IT for IoT and AI, Wednesday, 30th October, 17:25 - 18:10

Description: Industry 4.0 has begun and 5G is unlocking new possibilities - are you poised for success in the new era? In this session, you will learn to modernize operational technology (OT) through consolidated infrastructure and centralized application lifecycle management as well as modernize information technology (IT) through an Intelligent IoT platform supporting easy on-boarding of next-gen AI apps that use containers, functions with rich data and runtime services. You will hear about a successful real-world IoT deployment use case with IT and OT working together for achieving higher business and operational efficiency through simplified app development and reduced burden of deployment.

Private Meetings

Get a customized briefing with the Nutanix Xi IoT experts. Schedule a 30-60 minute meeting, and enjoy the hospitality of our private room while we discuss your specific business needs and how to meet them with speed and agility. Sign up now for the most convenient time slot!

Nutanix Xi IoT Journey

We launched the Xi IoT product in November 2018 and since then we’ve made exciting progress. You can now easily get started in a matter of minutes without actually deploying any hardware. Simply visit and sign up for the free trial. You get full access to our software for FREE for 10 days. You can launch a smart cities or object detection app to analyze YouTube-8M videos without being an AI developer, all within a few clicks. Don’t worry, we’ve got a thorough workshop to get you started in case you need it. If you want you can even test out video from your smartphone using our app for Android or iOS.

Xi IoT Sensor App

We look forward to seeing you at the event and winning some great prizes! In the meantime, take a few minutes and visit for a free trial, or contact us directly at to get started today.

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