Jedis, Robots, and Dark Angels —.NEXT 2019 Keynotes!

By Julie O'Brien
| min

If you’ve attended a .NEXT Conference you know we tend to be a wee bit quirky and spontaneous in our main stage keynotes. We’ve had Nutanix executives break out in a “Steve Ballmer monkey dance” in 2015; David Blaine hold his breath underwater while Steve Poitras upgraded an HCI stack in 2016; Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey take a call from his wife in the middle of his fireside chat with Bill McDermott in 2017; and Anthony Bourdain’s playful and poignant performance in 2018.

What will Anaheim bring this year?

Calling all Star Wars fans! We’re thrilled to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our company with an opening keynote on Wednesday, May 8th from the one and only Mark Hamill, the actor who brought one of the most iconic roles in movie history to life. Mark will be followed by rebels of another sort–Dheeraj Pandey, Nutanix CPO Sunil Potti, and special customer and partner guests, who will show how hybrid cloud architectures and new cloud services are making IT more agile and productive than ever. The force is strong with this group!

In our closing keynote later that day, we’ll reveal our .NEXT customer award winners across four categories: Cloud Trail Blazer, Cloud Transformers, DevOps Rock Star, and .Heart. Then, long-time Simpson writer, Emmy award winner, and author Mike Reiss will share his thoughts on how to build and nurture teams to succeed.

Thursday morning opens with one of the top minds in AI and Robotics, Dr. Ayanna Howard. Dr. Howard is the Linda J. and Mark C. Smith professor and chair of the School of Interactive Computing in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Howard has focused on how intelligent technologies must adapt to and function within a human-centered world. Will robots take over the world? You won’t want to miss this fascinating session! Our technology leaders, Rajiv Mirani, Binny Gill, and Satyam Vaghani, will follow with how AI, machine learning, and IoT are transforming the enterprise.

Finally, we’ll close .NEXT with a bang–Golden Globe Award-nominated actress, advocate, New York Times bestselling author, and Founder of The Honest Company and Honest Beauty, Jessica Alba! She’ll be interviewed by one of the leading experts in business negotiation, Harvard Business Professor and author, Deepak Malhotra. How did Jessica go from worldwide acclaim as James Cameron’s “Dark Angel” to start-up founder and entrepreneur? What does it take to spark an idea from inspiration to reality? What will Deepak ask her about negotiations she’s handled along the way?

With all this action on stage, and so much more in the break outs, you won’t want to miss our 10 year celebration at .NEXT in Anaheim!

See you there!

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