While the Dust Settles, Dell EMC XC Series Rolls On

By Ben Hogue
| min

Over the last few months since the announcement of Dell acquiring EMC in the largest technology acquisition in history, there has been many conjecture articles written about the future of the Nutanix OEM partnership with newly formed, Dell Technologies. Even now, as the dust settles, there is still speculation on what the future holds for the relationship and how current customers and prospects wanting a Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform on Dell EMC will be satisfied. The easiest way to address this is just by stating the facts.

Partnership extension

While the terms and conditions of the partnering agreement between Dell Technologies and Nutanix cannot be divulged, I can tell you that the two entities have a signed partnership extension for multiple years. Existing Dell XC Series customers can rest easy knowing that Dell EMC and Nutanix continue to collaborate supporting them and providing them with enhanced hyper-converged infrastructure and new functionality to enable the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform on Dell EMC XC appliances. These enhancements target additional workloads and efficiencies for the customers. Prospects can now move forward with their plans of procuring and migrating from traditional infrastructure enabling them to focus on their business versus managing their environment.


Customer and node counts keep rising

Nutanix just updated our S-1 with new results from the fourth quarter of FY16 which included vastly increased year over year revenue and customer counts. Dell EMC continues to grow their new customer count with XC Series in most vertical industries and running many different workloads. These customers range from SMB to Fortune 500 companies. Many of these XC Series customers are net new Dell Storage customers (which had never bought storage from Dell before). In under 2 years of selling Dell XC series, Dell has shipped “1000s of appliances to 100s of customers”1 across the globe according to Travis Vigil, Sr. Dir. Product Management Dell Storage. The aforementioned numbers are from almost two quarters ago, and since then, Dell XC Series has had back to back record breaking quarters. While I can’t share exact numbers, on current pace, we should be able to add another zero to these figures in the not so distant future.


Future looks bright

Considering the robust XC Series pipeline, it seems customers and prospects are asking Dell EMC for a mature enterprise cloud platform that allows them flexibility with control, reduces complexity and enables them to focus on adding value to their business versus managing their infrastructure. Collaboration across engineering, product management, business development, marketing, sales, services and support between Dell EMC and Nutanix will continue to deliver the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform on the evolving XC Series hardware platform running choice of three hypervisors: ESXi, Hyper-V or AHV to keep pace with Nutanix organic and other OEM offerings.


Nutanix is excited to partner with the thousands of new sellers that are joining the Dell EMC ranks who will now have access to multiple HCI offerings. We look forward to helping define our joint customers’ current needs and future innovation aspirations in order to effectively position our mature Enterprise Cloud platform on XC Series. Dell EMC sellers will love increasing customer satisfaction (Nutanix NPS score is 90+) and reaping the residual rewards of datacenter growth and additional workloads that thrive on our platform. We look forward to meeting Dell EMC customers and prospects as well as the new Dell EMC sellers this October at Dell EMC World. Come by the Nutanix booth to meet the OEM team who supports Dell EMC XC Series. See you there!

1 Dell4Enterprise blog post, April 5, 2016