Converged infrastructure belongs EVERYWHERE

By Adam Moreland
| min

Someone asked me the other day how IDC could possibly forecast that converged infrastructure sales would grow to $17.8 billion by 2016. The answer is easy. Converged infrastructure just makes things simpler, not to mention much less expensive. Where doesn’t that make sense? Take branch offices, for instance. Suddenly storage admin skills are not required at every location. Also, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to ship a server every time a new application or virtual appliance needs to be deployed?

The reality is that converged infrastructure has a useful place in nearly every part of the enterprise – whether it’s supporting services in a branch office, or running a large database. So why has it taken so long to be adopted outside of the datacenter? Well, look at the choices customers have had to date.

VCE wants upwards of $1M for a pre-engineered rack. (Yes, they have ‘entry level’ half-rack solutions, but even these are priced well into six figures). Dell on the other hand is at the other end of the spectrum. They get the price aspect (give credit where credit is due). Unfortunately, their recently announced VRTX solution amounts to nothing more than pre-packaged hardware with virtually no software intelligence. That’s not converged infrastructure.

Nutanix recognizes that branch offices, remote offices and even retail stores deserve more. So when we designed a new solution for branch offices, we made sure that it delivers the exact same elegance and software intelligence as our flagship products, but built for environments outside of the datacenter. So what did we do?

  • Made it fully functional with standard 1 Gig Ethernet
  • Runs on 110V power
  • Built-in data replication and back-up software
  • Priced it below $23,000

This is our new NX-1000. Take a look and don’t forget to ask about our limited time pricing promotion.

Also, we didn’t stop there. Our customers have pushed us hard for more storage, more flash, more everything. Why? They wanted to run really ‘heavy’ apps on Nutanix. Well we listened and have now announced the NX-6000. This platform packs 3X the raw storage capacity per node than existing platforms, providing scalability that aligns with new data-intensive applications such as large databases and even Big Data. Additionally, Nutanix can now lay claim to being the only converged infrastructure vendor to flexibly scale compute and storage resources within a single cluster.

We can confidently state that converged infrastructure is now 100% mainstream.