Citrix Embraces Converged Infrastructure

By Andre Leibovici
| min
True Linear Scale Out

Today, Citrix announced a new Citrix Ready program focusing on converged infrastructure solutions that will lower the cost of XenDesktop and XenApp deployments. This is great news for customers who are seeking ways to improve the economics of virtualized apps and desktops – and also need to ensure predictable scalability as the business grows.

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is a converged infrastructure solution that integrates high-performance compute and enterprise-class storage into integrated appliance. This scale-out solution is easy-to-deploy and eliminates the need for network-based storage architectures, such as SAN or NAS.


Nutanix supports all XenDesktop deployment models, including machine creation services (MCS) and provisioning services (PVS). Additionally, Nutanix runs all XenDesktop infrastructure services, such as NetScaler VPX load balancing to streamline overall infrastructure deployments.

A single Nutanix 2U appliance provides the server compute and storage resources to deliver XenDesktop to more than 400 task or knowledge workers. As the business grows, Nutanix’s software-driven scale out architecture enables additional appliances or single nodes to be seamlessly added to support 1000s of XenDesktop users in a single environment.

Nutanix is hypervisor agnostic, supporting XenDesktop on Hyper-V or vSphere. Detailed and proven Reference Architectures for XenDesktop on Hyper-V or XenDesktop on vSphere are publicly available to assist joint Nutanix and Citrix customers in building the best converged infrastructure solutions.

With all of this goodness, it’s no surprise that Nutanix is a huge fan of this new Citrix Ready Initiative.