Choice Solutions Uses Nutanix to Mitigate Infrastructure Obstacles & Datacenter Politics

By Steve Kaplan
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Choice Solutions has long been adept at getting in on the ground floor of disruptive technologies. Choice became partners with Citrix in 1993 and has been a Platinum Partner since 1997. Choice also engaged with VMware in 2001 with ESX 1.0 and became one of first VMware VIP enterprise partners worldwide. The company has flourished over the decades and now does business in nine states, primarily in the central U.S., but also has an office in South Florida. Choice signed up as a Nutanix partner in the past year, and is finding that the solution simplifies doing business.

“I can’t emphasize how much time we spend dealing with infrastructure and storage issues unrelated to our core competencies of virtualization, application delivery and security,” said Jim Steinlage, President and CEO of Choice. “Infrastructure problems quite simply prevent us from doing our job. Nutanix eliminates a lot of that and allows us to have the applications up and running much more timely and with more predictable results. And Nutanix enables us to achieve our goal of providing users with a better experience than their physical desktop from day one.”

Jim has served on the partner advisory council of many manufacturers over the years including Citrix, VMware, and Veeam. He recently joined the PAC for Nutanix. But affiliation with manufacturers does not mean that he blindly touts their technology visions. Jim had a background of 15 years consulting with one of largest professional services companies. He coaches his team on the consulting philosophy of bringing knowledge and choices to their clients in order to equip them with the information necessary to select the most optimal solutions for their organizations. “We don’t know what we don’t know,” says Jim. “The more information our customers have about the choices the more confident they will be in their final decision.”

“Another channel partner told me, Jim further explained, “that they would never look at Nutanix because they make too much money off of a major Brand X solution – so they can’t afford to bring other solutions to their customers and risk losing the manufacturers’ relationship. We will not allow manufacturers to try and manipulate us for their gains as our first priority is serving our customers not the manufacturer. To that end we see Nutanix bringing economical, predictable, simple, and reliable choices.”

Datacenter politics is another issue with which Choice frequently has to contend. But Nutanix provides the ability for them to bypass some of the politics that takes place so frequently between the different IT functional teams. The application and desktop delivery business unit of one of Choice’s Global 2000 clients recently told Choice that with Nutanix, they see a way not to have to rely upon the central IT storage and server people. Central IT often can slow down or stop the process of implementing the virtual desktops that the business units are demanding. Obstacles include time commitment, technology or organizational concerns, control issues and politics.

A couple of Choice’s engineers who are members of the Citrix PTEC council and one who is part of the Prestigious CTP Council have done numerous presentations sessions at Citrix Summit, Citrix Synergy and at BriForum. They are going to be using Nutanix as part of their presentations this year at Synergy. “We see Nutanix, said Jim, “as a true game-changer in the datacenter and a company that is two plus years ahead of the market on execution with no plans to slow up on delivering their future vision.”