Beam | Cost Optimization for the Enterprise Cloud

By Sahil M Bansal
| min

Nutanix Beam is extending its cloud optimization capabilities to the private & enterprise cloud!

Enterprises increasingly run applications in a variety of different cloud environments—public, private, distributed, and hybrid cloud. With a mix of public and private clouds, enterprises now require services and tools that can work across private and public environments. One of the most pressing needs is having a programmatic and scalable way of keeping cloud costs optimized.

Today, Nutanix Beam is extending its cloud cost optimization capabilities to support private cloud environments. Starting with this major release, Nutanix customers will be able to utilize Beam’s machine intelligence-powered capabilities for governance across private and public clouds. This will help customers understand the true cost of their cloud environments.

Beam’s support for on-prem Nutanix environments includes the following benefits:

  • Unified governance for all clouds – CIOs and I&O leaders can centrally control consumption across public and private clouds.
  • Continuous cost optimization – Intelligent analysis of cloud consumption trends provides recommendations for future purchases to keep cloud costs optimized.
  • Cluster level analysis – Customers will be able to see the cost of their Nutanix clusters that have been deployed and make decisions on future consumption efficiently

In addition, Beam now provides a unified, global view of all accounts across all clouds: Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, AWS, and Azure. Cloud operators can easily evaluate the cost efficiency of their environments and drill down for granular views broken by cloud, account, or resource type.

The support for private cloud environments is a big step toward giving customers the ability to conduct a true total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis between private and public cloud environments. These insights are critical in deciding the type of workloads to be deployed in public vs. private cloud.

Beam will enable customers to identify the right cloud for each application, mitigating vendor lock-in and ensuring optimal consumption of cloud resources.

Are you using AWS, Azure, and/or Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and want to see how Beam can optimize your multi-cloud environment? Sign up for a free trial here.

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