Xi Cloud Recap from .NEXT 2019

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.Next 2019 in Anaheim was a huge success thanks to our customers, partners, and employees. You could feel the abundance of energy amongst attendees during the week, much of which to the credit of the many announcements made during the week. I would surely understate the sum of launches, updates, and releases made during the week if I attempted to quantify them all. With that said, I’d like to spend this time focusing on the activities within our Enterprise portfolio - specifically four of our Xi Cloud services.

Xi Cloud Services, a suite of offerings designed to create a more unified fabric across different cloud environments, gives IT teams the freedom to run their applications on the optimal platform, not restricted by technology limitations.

Through Xi Cloud Services, we make it easier for our customers to integrate cloud services into their multi-cloud deployments, whether by natively extending their Nutanix environment beyond the boundaries of a traditional datacenter or by gaining the visibility and insight into their infrastructure deployments across platforms to monitor costs and ensure compliance.

With that in mind, the four services I will focus on in this blog are: Xi Beam, Xi Frame, Xi IoT, and Xi Leap.

Xi Beam

Beam provides deep visibility and unparalleled insights into your multi-cloud environment. Cloud operators can proactively identify underutilized resources and ensure optimal cloud consumption. Beam also automates security compliance using 250+ audit checks that identify security vulnerabilities in real-time, resolving potential threats before they become concerns.

At .NEXT, the Beam team announced the release of their new event-driven security compliance module in early access. Beam is now able to detect cloud security vulnerabilities in real-time along with one-click fixes for several infrastructure level security issues. Beam is currently offering a free 60-day cloud security assessment that you can sign up for here.

Beam also added to both the breadth and depth of its cost governance feature set. Inside Sales Engineer, Ramana Kalicheti, gives the rundown in the video below:

To provide more detail as to why these updates are important and they impact they will have for customers, here’s more clarity:

Enhanced Multi-cloud Budgeting

You can now define budgets on any set of resources across clouds using customized resource groups. A resource group is a combination of cloud accounts, regions, cloud services and tags formed across AWS and Azure.

Beam Cost Governance: Everything Multi-cloud

We are extending our multi-cloud scope to all other apps in Cost Governance. So, now you can do cost and savings analysis, and reserved instances (RI) at a multi-cloud level.

Cost per VM for Nutanix On-prem

For Nutanix on-prem in Beam, we introduced the cluster level showback. Nutanix cluster cost is derived from Pulse and other internal data points. The cost allocation is the sum of these costs at every cluster level: hardware costs (NX appliance along with AOS Starter & Prism ), AOS and other software costs (such as Files, Bucket, Flow, Volumes, Era, Karbon). VM Costing in Beam provides hourly, weekly, and monthly granularity of VM cost data.

See how Xi Beam can help optimize your cloud by removing security vulnerabilities and saving on cloud costs. Click here for a free trial.

Xi Frame

Frame is a simple, secure, and agile DaaS solution. It allows you to deliver virtual apps and desktops to users anywhere, and on any device. You can run your virtual apps and desktops in public cloud or your private cloud powered by Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. A single console manages all cloud options.

At Nutanix .NEXT in Anaheim, we shared with the 7,000+ attendees that you can now use Frame to provision one-click virtual desktops on your own Nutanix cluster running AHV. Check out the video below with Param Desai, Sr. Director for Nutanix Frame, to get more info:

How to Get Started

To start using Frame on Nutanix, create a Frame account through my.nutanix.com. Until we ship a plugin for Prism 5.11, you'll be able to download and install the Frame Cloud Connector Appliance (Frame CCA) from the Nutanix support portal. With the release of Prism 5.11, you will be able to start the process of preparing and connecting your cluster to Frame directly from your Prism Central settings page.

For more details, please visit our FAQ page.

Xi IoT

The Nutanix Xi IoT platform delivers local compute and AI for IoT edge devices, converging the edge and your choice of cloud infrastructure into one seamless, efficient data processing platform. Xi IoT eliminates complexity, accelerates deployments, and frees developers to focus on the business logic powering IoT applications and services.

The big announcement for Xi IoT at .NEXT was centered around our developer community. Specifically, the Xi IoT team has launched a free trial for developers. Bao Phan, Sr. Marketing Programs Manager for IoT, has the scoop below:

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the trial, click here. This trial period will allow developers to create IoT applications, manage data streams within a cloud-based console, and deploy applications to thousands of edges in one-click. You can also visit the Xi IoT page to learn how Xi IoT delivers AI-driven processing at the edge.

Xi Leap

Xi Leap is an emerging disaster recovery solution within our enterprise portfolio. The solution eliminates the need for provisioning, configuring, and managing disparate cloud environments or multiple solutions for disaster recovery. Xi Leap intelligently protects the applications and data in your Nutanix environment without the need to purchase and maintain a separate infrastructure stack.

There were three notable takeaways for Xi Leap during .NEXT in Anaheim. Zankhana Pathak, Member of Technical Staff, discusses some of the announcements made about the Xi Leap solution:

What To Do Now

If your organization is shopping for an agile DR solution, then look no further. You can see how Xi Leap can simplify and bulletproof your disaster recovery strategy in a personalized demo. To sign-up, just visit this link and a subject matter expert from the Xi Leap team will coordinate a demo session.

In Closing

At Nutanix, we have a robust, yet evolving portfolio of cloud solutions. Our customers see the value in our investment in the cloud, and are confident that the reputation we’ve built will carry forward into these new endeavors. If you’re a current customer of our on-premise portfolio, or new to Nutanix entirely, please visit our portfolio page to get an idea of the value we can provide your organization. We hope to hear from you soon. So long from .NEXT 2019!

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