We Are Officially Open for Business


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It’s official! We are open for business, after spending many tireless moments building this product and bringing it to market. We can’t help but gush at how beautiful the end product looks and feels and sounds! Best part — it’s low maintenance. How rarely have we seen something that is pretty and yet low maintenance?! It’s one of those.

Game-changers Stir Debates… and Markets

When storage upstarts brought iSCSI to the market, the fence-sitters — who had seen storage from the lens of the high-end market — were the biggest skeptics. Fiber Channel was king, and seeing SCSI traffic go over a commodity TCP/IP/Ethernet stack was unimaginable. To the purists, it was even heretic to think of another way of doing SANs. There was a massive debate, but the mid-market spoke, and spoke resoundingly. iSCSI is now king, and Fiber Channel is on decay.

When DataDomain brought a disk-based backup appliance to the market, the fence-sitters — who had seen backup again from the lens of the high-end market — were the biggest skeptics. Tape was king, and doing backup using disks was unimaginable. To the purists, it was even heretic to morph the backup data by applying deduplication. There was a massive debate on whether such morphed data will withstand the audit scrutiny of a court of law. The mid-market spoke, and resoundingly so. Disk-based backups rule now, and tape is on decay.

And now that Nutanix has collapsed compute and storage into one tier, we are stirring a massive debate on “who owns storage”. But the mid-market will speak, and resoundingly so. We tend to underestimate the power of the mid-market in creating paradigm shifts within IT. These early adopters are some of the first deployments of Nutanix. They and the channel partners serving them have spoken loud and clear about the need for a solution that disrupts the network storage market.

We have built a game-changer that dramatically simplifies and shrinks the datacenter. It will stir the datacenter market in this decade.

Reflecting on the foundation

Building the product was immensely hard, especially because we set such a high bar for ourselves in terms of enterprise- and market-readiness. The team has managed to pull off a nearly flawless execution in record time. The goals and deadlines set seemed laughably-impossible, and yet the team was up for each and every one of them. The sleepless nights, the pizza dinners, the intractable bugs, the insatiable nit-picking of the (UI and website) designs, the hiring committee meetings, the countdown calendar, the dreaded DogFood* dashboard, the scotch-pouring during company meetings… each of these have helped forge the foundation of this company. As we scale this business, this camaraderie will be the single-most important virtue to take us through the highs and lows of the future.

Quiet Confidence

Over the last several quarters, we’ve been heads-down developing the product, learning from the pilots, and building the engineering team. Now that the product is generally available, we will be firing on all cylinders, marketing and sales included. These two functions have their hands full selling this product. There is a quiet confidence within us stemming from the knowledge that we’ve built something that is of lasting value to end customers and channel partners. Our goal is for the channel to make more margins on a product that sells for less — this seems like magic, but convergence has been known to pull off even bigger surprises! The synergy of compute and storage never ceases to amaze us.

To our future channel partners, customers, and employees: Welcome aboard!

*P.S.: DogFood and PuppyFood are our internal datacenters that run Nutanix-on-Nutanix.