The Virtuous Circle of Corporate Culture

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Reputation matters. Especially for fast growing companies like ours. When you are hiring fast, it helps to have your good reputation precede you.

That’s why we are really happy to have been named one of the top public cloud companies to work for in 2018 by Glassdoor and Battery Ventures. The report, which also names the top 25 private cloud companies to work for begins, “Just how important is company culture and employee happiness in the current, ultra-competitive tech economy? In a word, very.”

And we couldn’t be prouder of ours.

The report interviewed current employees of cloud companies in the U.S. and measured feedback on employee satisfaction, CEO ratings and future company outlook. We scored well enough to be #7 of the top 25 cloud companies in the United States.

But don’t take it from me. Like Glassdoor and Battery Ventures did when they researched their report, just listen to our employees: