Understanding The Journey To True Hybrid Cloud

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Today, many organizations are evaluating hybrid cloud architectures to supplement their private cloud deployments with public cloud adoption. Public clouds are inherently different from on-premises infrastructures—and from one another. These siloed environments all require different management tools and skill sets which creates a breeding ground for operational complexity. It becomes nearly impossible to move applications across architectures without re-architecting them.


There is a strong need for a single platform that spans private and public clouds—that can abstract different cloud-specific intricacies—so operators can focus on managing their traditional and modern applications irrespective of the substrates they run on.

Such a platform must provide consistency. Consistency of infrastructure, so that VMs and applications can move without translation. Consistency of operations, so that cloud engineers can manage their environments without tailoring daily practices for each underlying cloud. And consistency in consumption model, so that software can be easily ported, creating true cloud optionality. 

Nutanix has been recognized as a leader in helping customers build and operate their private clouds. We focus on consumer-grade design and customer delight, supporting organizations as they transform their business.

The next phase for business transformation is towards hybrid cloud architecture. That’s where recently announced Nutanix Clusters on AWS come in. The intent is to bring the same delight of Nutanix software to public clouds, providing nearly identical experience as on-premises clusters, and dramatically reducing operational complexity managing multiple cloud environments.

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The first public cloud provider Nutanix Clusters will work with is AWS. Our focus continues to be on user experience - with seamless integration into AWS accounts. Once generally available, organizations will be able to utilize existing AWS credits for Nutanix Clusters and consume Nutanix software along with other cloud services sharing the same account. Operationally, cloud engineers will be able to utilize the same VPCs, VPNs and Direct Connect configurations - getting the full Enterprise Cloud experience without the need to setup and manage separate networks for hybrid cloud deployments.

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But to make hybrid, and eventually multi-cloud architectures a reality, we must evolve our software consumption model as well. Nutanix Clusters will offer an ability to port Nutanix software licenses between clouds, offering hybrid consumption across private and public clouds. Organizations will also be able to choose between on-demand and commitment based pricing, depending on specific needs. 

Only the combination of all these elements together, driving consistency in infrastructure, operations and consumption - can truly eliminate boundaries between cloud environments. Join us on the path to True Hybrid Cloud!

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