The End of the Beginning

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As our partner Lenovo opens up orders today for their HX series appliance running Nutanix software this marks the further emergence of a new stage in data center transformation.

Lenovo is a key example of a new data center vendor embracing a new way of computing. With a desire to grow their global presence, Lenovo is thinking outside the box. They are avoiding designing storage systems the same old way that industry stalwarts such as EMC, NetApp, HP and others have done for decades with expensive and inflexible SAN-based infrastructure. Rather, they are embracing a platform approach that fits well with the new era of software defined data centers and DevOps. This approach is more granular, easier to start, quicker to scale and more predictable in its cost. It fits well with the desire by IT to spend more time delivering new applications and services to the business rather than remaining masterminds at integrating puzzle pieces of complex infrastructure. This new approach embraces the architectural simplicity of receiving computing services from Public Cloud vendors such as Google or Alibaba while enabling the control and security that IT enjoys with on-premises infrastructure. It scales as easily as the web while dramatically converging the disparate pieces of infrastructure to make deployment and operation simple for IT. This is the era of web-scale computing and hyperconverged infrastructure.

In discussions with my Lenovo counterparts, I remind them that all the hard work both companies have done establishing highly innovative, flexible and reliable building blocks of software and hardware infrastructure is just the start, not the end. We are now merging the data center software benefits of Nutanix with the global hardware prowess of Lenovo in this new Lenovo HX series appliance. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, it is the end of the beginning and as we now work together to ramp shipments. For incumbent vendors who don’t embrace architectural change, it is the beginning of the end.

Due to the common vision between the two companies to disrupt the rigidity and expense of the old way of computing, we have been able to come together quickly. After just two months since the partnership announcement in November 2015 we are now ready to deliver the Lenovo HX 3500, HX 5500 and HX 7500 appliance models covering workloads spanning VDI, Big Data Analytics and demanding database oriented business applications. If you would like to hear more about these new scale-out, hyperconverged appliances, please watch the Lenovo webinar at

Over 1400 Lenovo Sales and Technical Reps worldwide have already been enrolled in training on Nutanix software with hundreds already completing initial stages of certification. ISV certifications for the HX-series appliances from enterprise software vendors such as SAP and VMware are already in hand. Nearly 50 deal opportunities have already been registered with Lenovo prospective customers, even before ordering was opened up.

Lenovo, with the new HX appliances running Nutanix software, are scratching the itch IT has had in getting a better IT infrastructure than legacy SAN-based solutions could deliver. For Lenovo and Nutanix it is just the end of the beginning.