The cup has been flipped. (Part III)

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Part III: A storm of swords. The coming of a new age. 

This is Part III of the story “The cup has been flipped”.  Parts I and II can be found here and here.

It is Monday evening of August 26th 2013.

After two long years of training, Steve and I walk casually into the Actifio’s VMworld vFlipcup 2013 tournament at Mr. Smiths in San Francisco. 700+ people fill the bar, but the world is riding on our shoulders. We can’t disappoint our CEO and the rest of our company.

We need a 5-person team to compete in the tournament. Steve and I recruit the 3 best flip cup players we can find: Jim Minus, Rodney Thomas, and Conrad “the cupslayer” Ramos. These guys aren’t flipcup noobs (though one is the vnoob). These guys are rounders. We train with them at every waking moment.

The competition is beyond heavy. Veeam, Vmware, Riverbed, Zerto, Actifio, Neverfail, Tintri and many others come to play. We are the underdogs. Who is Nutanix? What do they even do? Beer by Beer we drink, Cup by Cup we flip, and Round by Round we progress. Our two years of training and hard work are paying off and our company gains the momentum we were hoping for.

We make it to the best of 3 game finals with TechValidate. We watch them in awe of their talent as they flip cups like they were some sort of beer drinking cup flipping Jedi. We are rattled and they make quick work of us in the first game. Our adrenaline kicks in during the second game and we make a comeback. It is now down to the final game.

Steve is our anchor and last to drink and flip in the final. It is neck and neck to the end and it comes down to him against the best from TechValidate. He chugs the golden brew and places the cup meticulously on the edge of the table. With one final motion of his hand he sends the cup flipping gracefully in the air. The cup lands on its rim in what would be it’s greatest moment of solo glory. The bar erupts.

Steve and Lukas bring home the hardware.

There and back again:

Back to the Sunday afternoon of September 8th, 2013… where we started this story.

Lukas: “I am happy you’ve heard of Nutanix and of our story. It means our second mission is almost complete”

vGeek#2: “But how did you guys really do it? How did you go from a no-name company to VMworld vFlipcup 2013 champions?”

Lukas: “It’s a long story. The short of it: Find the most talented people who can work well together, give them a vision they can believe in, and provide the tools to make it possible. Then mix in a lot of blood, code, late nights, tequila and cold beer.”

vGeek#1: “What is next for Nutanix now that you guys have won the big prize?”

Lukas: “We will flip the entire industry on its head.”

Their eyes light up as they smile. They can’t wait to get rid of their centralized storage and had been rooting for Nutanix for some time now. They shake my hand, wish me good luck, and then continue walking behind us. I walk forward, wearing my green pullover.

Winners of Actifio’s VMworld 2013 vFlipCup championship