Tata Consultancy Services on .NEXT & Driving Success


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Nutanix sat down with Raman Venkatraman, who is a Vice President at one of our key system integration partners, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Raman has long been a strong advocate of new technology and innovation at TCS. Below are excerpts from the interview.

1. Raman – thank you for making the time to sit down with us. Let’s start by walking our readers through your and your teams role in TCS.

It’s always a pleasure! As the Vice President of TCS, my team and I drive three key functions in our organization. I own alliances and am responsible for bringing partner solutions to market. I am also responsible for all technology groups within TCS, with the primary goal of incubating, scaling and evangelizing internal business units and delivering technologies to customers. Lastly, I co-head the business line for Computer Platforms, Storage, Industrial Electronics, Software & Service Providers (including consulting companies).

2. That is quite a charter. In your role we assume that you get a chance to talk to quite a few customers. What are they key IT challenges you and your team encounter when talking to your customers?

Our customers are inundated by multiple vendors with a range of products for different parts of their infrastructure. They crave simplicity – they want their vendors to speak their business language and understand their specific business and operational challenges. This is where we find most vendors fail. It is essential for vendors to explain how their technology is relevant to a customer’s business needs. It comes down to our customers craving simple, yet flexibility solutions that truly help with their business goals.

3. TCS is one of our key sponsors at .NEXT. What are the topics you are most excited to see and hear at the conference?

TCS has a long reputation of working with industry leaders and always happy to be a part of the industry leading trends. I am personally excited to learn more about the Nutanix vision along with an overview of their roadmap. Also, the TCS team would love to talk to customers on best practices for the Nutanix solutions. We are also curious to learn how a disruptive technology like hyperconvergence can require rethinking organizational responsibilities and the IT eco-system.

4. Can you give our audience a sneak peak of what you are going to be talking about at .NEXT?

Absolutely! Our message is around our journey with our customers with a focus on datacenter transformation from day one. Our goal is to replace obsolete infrastructure with solutions that can help our customer’s businesses become more efficient and scale. Our customers want flexibility in running workloads and not to manage the multitude of compute, storage and network infrastructure. We’ll talk about our joint solution with Nutanix, which allows customers to migrate towards a software-defined datacenter with clear benefits around added flexibility, better performance, and increased availability.

5. Sounds like an exciting session. To wrap this up, can you share how can TCS services help our joint customers with their datacenter transformation?

We at TCS see ourselves as an end-to-end strategic partner in the customer’s datacenter transformation journey. We aim for our services to ensure our customer’s success by assisting in their IT strategy and architecture, both at the pre- and post-deployment stages. This is the TCS value proposition –drive success by providing the industry’s leading design, implementation and support services throughout the customer’s deployment lifecycle.

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