Have You Seen The List? The Just 100 2019: Companies Doing Right By America

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Nutanix Blog

This week, Forbes announced the Just 100, its list of the 100 companies that are doing right by America. Companies that are paying their workers fairly, treating customers well and protecting their privacy, producing quality products, minimizing their environmental impact, giving back to the communities they operate in, committing to ethical and diverse leadership, and creating abundant job opportunities. Companies that care about the communities of which they are a part, the employees they are responsible for, and the customers they serve.

I am honored to say that Nutanix is one of these great companies. Even better, Forbes ranked Nutanix as the best performing company in job creation. We are so proud to be recognized for our contributions to society and to share this honor with so many of our amazing customers and partners.

Nutanix is an ambitious company – we reached $1 billion in annual revenue faster than any other software company founded in the past 20 years and even that is not good enough. We want to grow to at least $3 billion by 2021. For many companies, ambition of this nature can become a singular driving force.

At Nutanix, our ambition is bigger than just attaining lofty financial goals. It has always been about providing high-performing and delightful products with exceptional customer service, while staying true to a core set of values – be Hungry, stay Humble, remain Honest, and do it all with Heart. These values are embodied across all areas of our culture, from the efforts we make to build a team that is diverse in every way (thought, gender, race, geography, etc.) to the focus we place on serving our customers with the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry (Net Promoter Score of 90+ for the last four years), to our homegrown effort to serve the communities that surround us through .heart.

Those values have catapulted Nutanix from just a handful of employees in a small office in San Jose in 2009 to a global software company with nearly 4,400 employees and more than 11,000 customers around the world. As a company, we’re often recognized for our excellent product and our standout customer service. I’m delighted that our commitment to doing right by society now gets to share in that spotlight.

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