Recognizing vExperts as Evangelists

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Almost 600 VMware gurus were chosen for the coveted vExpert award this year. We are proud to announce that six of our own Nutanix employees are on that list: Jason Langone, Raymon Epping, Dwayne Lessner, Craig Waters, Steve Kaplan, and Bas Raayman.

These gentlemen lead by example with their involvement in the VMware community and are leaders here at Nutanix. They go above and beyond to prophesize innovation internally as well as through their own networks and all are very active through Twitter and other social media sites promoting the virtues of virtualization.

Not only do we want to recognize our Nutanix vExperts, but we would also like to recognize all of this year’s vExperts by offering a personalized pint glass (see the picture below). We will reach out to you via Twitter, but if you don’t have a Twitter account you can contact us directly at

If you are attending VMworld this year we would like to give your glass to you in person, and maybe buy you a beer to go in it! If you are not attending, we can ship it to you directly.

Congratulations to all of the winners!