Real-time Cloud Security Compliance

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In recent months several data breaches have highlighted the increased security risk in public cloud and multi-cloud deployments. However, these security risks do not always arise because of anything inherently insecure about the cloud, rather because of using the cloud insecurely. Gartner predicts that through 2022, at least 95% of cloud security issues will arise because of user errors leading to misconfigured resources causing security vulnerabilities.

Recent Cloud Security Breaches

Earlier this year, the Dow Jones revealed that more than 2.4 million financial records were leaked because one of their AWS Elasticsearch instances was not password protected and also allowed public access. In another incident, more than half a billion people’s personal Facebook data was found on S3 storage buckets with global read/write permissions owned by a third party called Cultura Collectiva.

Organizations that are embracing public cloud and multi-cloud architectures really do need to re-evaluate their cloud security strategy and focus on building automated processes that not only detect security risks in real-time but also help to fix them. Security admins also need to ensure their cloud environments meet regulatory compliance standards such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, etc. This is where Xi Beam can help you significantly improve your overall cloud security posture.

Cloud Security Compliance with Xi Beam

Xi Beam helps you gain real-time visibility and control over your multi-cloud security health by automating 250+ security audits based on industry best practices and Beam’s recommendations to improve your cloud infrastructure security. You can also create your own custom audits to meet your specific security compliance needs.

Multi-cloud security compliance with Xi Beam

Beam empowers cloud security teams by providing an extensive list of customizable security audits and a single pane of glass to easily control the security health across cloud boundaries. These security audits can be broadly classified under the following categories:

  • Network security
  • Infrastructure security
  • Database security
  • Access security
  • Server security
  • Data security

Beam also lists out the exact steps needed to remediate any security issues that may have been detected. Also, for several security audits, Beam helps you to immediately improve your cloud security by remediating security vulnerabilities with just one-click!

One-click fix for security vulnerabilities

Real-time Cloud Security Compliance in Early Access

We are happy to share that Beam’s real-time cloud security compliance module is now available in early access!

With Beam’s new security compliance module, cloud security admins will be able to detect security vulnerabilities as soon as they happen. The security compliance module is heavily API-driven and runs the full list of security audit checks whenever an “event” happens in your cloud environment. These “events” include, but are not limited to:

  • Cloud services configuration change
  • New users are on-boarded
  • Compute instances, Databases or storage buckets are spun up, etc.

This removes security blind spots by immediately detecting, and alerting, infrastructure level security issues thereby allowing cloud security teams to react and fix the issues before business gets impacted. Event-driven detection of cloud security vulnerabilities is absolutely critical in multi-cloud environments in order to realize the benefits of moving to the cloud. Just one example - if a user accidentally left a storage bucket with global read/write permissions, Beam’s new real-time security compliance module will detect and alert the user as soon as the misconfigured storage bucket is spun up, thereby helping the security admin to remediate the issue at hand and protect their cloud data.

Try Beam Today to Improve Cloud Security!

  • Early access to real-time security compliance alerts
  • HIPAA, PCI-DSS, CIS audit reports
  • RI recommendations to reduce costs
  • Budget alerts and chargeback reports

If you are currently using, or planning to use, AWS or Azure public clouds, this free cloud assessment by Beam is designed to help you eliminate security vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure and control your cloud costs as well.

“Beam is an excellent tool that provides a single pane of glass and specific recommendations to ensure security compliance in our multi-client, multi-technology environment” - Rustum Virani, Cloud Architect

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