Partners Complete Us

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recent IDC study indicates that customer IT spending through business partners is forecasted to continue to outpace direct IT spending over the next several years. That’s because of the unbiased solutions expertise, industry vertical know-how, and longstanding customer understanding that partners bring to the table. These are key factors in customers’ success that partners deliver.

Now I am a Nutant

I’ve been overwhelmed with the excitement and support I’ve received from partners and colleagues since I joined the company just over a week ago. I am thrilled to be a part of the team at Nutanix. It truly is like being a part of a family aligned towards a common goal to be the best in the industry. The words “that’s not my job” is not something you hear at Nutanix. Everyone is striving to help one another to achieve results and that is very energizing for me as a leader.

Developing Our Ecosystem of Partners

My eyes may not get as misty as Tom Cruise’s when he delivers the line “you complete me” in Jerry Maguire – however, this sentiment absolutely describes how I view the power that our partners can bring to Nutanix. We’re only at the tip of the iceberg in terms of customer adoption of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS – and our partners will be key to assisting more organizations to transform their datacenters with our exciting technology platform.

Our partner ecosystem includes Global Systems Integrators, Service Providers, Value Add Resellers, Value Add Distributors, Independent Software Vendors and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Each uniquely enables growth into new markets, verticals, and customers. My focus is to grow the scale and depth of our joint selling power by ensuring win-win relationships with our partners. My team’s priorities will be to strengthen our value to partners in several key areas.

  1. Differentiated Partner Program: We will evolve our partner programs to drive incremental growth with partners of all types across the partner ecosystem. Look for announcements coming that will excite and entice our partners to invest and focus on Nutanix .
  2. Focus on Partner Enablement: As IT continues to shift away from traditional 3-tier architectures, Nutanix is a beacon for partners to deliver a next-generation datacenter platform to customers. Ultimately, we must develop our partner’s capabilities to market and sell Nutanix solutions autonomously. They can take advantage of Nutanix automation tools such as X-Ray, Sizer, Xtract, and APIs to make their experience of assessing, planning, migrating, and managing their customers environments like no other. And our NPP and NPSX certifications are examples of partners who have reached the highest level of knowledge and skill on our solutions.
  3. Harnessing Marketing: Nutanix was a pioneer in hyperconverged infrastructure and are now helping customers evolve for the multicloud era. We have the marketing content, tools, and tactics to help partners drive growth in this space. We will deliver a comprehensive partner demand center that will become an extension of our partners’ marketing departments – to help them drive and close new business.
  4. Be a Trusted Advisor to our Partners: Nutanix brings a robust set of technical and selling tools, market insights, and business scorecards to help partners manage our business together proactively. By bringing these capabilities to bear – we can provide indicators to guide the joint business. These tools and data will be the basis of ongoing conversations that add value to our partners.

Customer Success is the Business Imperative

Helping customers successfully solve pressing and often complex business challenges by leveraging our incredible technology ensures we remain relevant to their mission, and continue to be a strategic part of their future. It is our Partner ecosystem that applies our technology through delivery of services and solutions – they help customers unleash the power of Nutanix to realize their objectives. In turn, this will enable the next chapter of Nutanix growth.

In Summary

Our mission with our partners is clear, to grow our joint business and reach more of our customers through the channel. The Global Channel Sales team is now developing innovative programs to make our channel the best in the industry. Look for exciting announcements on those programs in 2018.

Everyone plays a role in our success with partners. We appreciate your support as we mature and grow our channel business at Nutanix.

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